Disability Services is here to collaborate with our community as we continue to consider the best options for instructional access. 

Need information about our process and the receipt of Faculty Notification Letters (accommodation plans)?

Steps are outlined in in the left column–check them out!

Don’t know what to do about accessibility?  Three great places to start: 

Another Toolkit for Designing an Accessible Online Course

Other things to consider:

  • Zoom platforms are accessible for many students, but if captioning is required, this is not automatically enabled. Please connect with us on how to provide captioning if this is required for specific students. You will be receiving an accommodation letter and contact from us to assist with this!  
  • Become familiar with Moodle and how to extend time on exams for individual learners if you are providing exams online.  Consider options such as alternative assignments or take-home exams.  The MAX Center can also assist in proctoring for exams remotely. 
  •  Consider activities that are alternatives to extensive screen time. For some students, migraines, chronic health or concussions make extensive screen time limited.   Students may need to listen to,  rather than view, course content and take breaks from screen time.
  • Offer adequate opportunities to continue to play with new ways of online and distanced spaces.  Although we assume students are technology savvy, students also choose Macalester because of our face to face, discussion-based pedagogy; virtual courses remain a significant change for students as well. 

Please know Disability Services is here to work with you and students on how to provide the best equal access for your courses.