Parking Permits and Bicycle Information

Parking Permits (includes link to the permit application)

Bicycle Information

Van Reservations

Macalester maintains a fleet of passenger vans that are available for rental by recognized student organizations, staff, and faculty under the following guidelines.

  • Requests¬†must be submitted to the Facilities Office 10 business days prior to departure date. Vans are rented on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Cancellations: The Facilities Office must be notified of any cancellations three business days prior to departure date or the group will still be charged for use of the van(s).
  • Rental Rates: $57.00 per day and .45 cents per mile.
  • Van driver training: All van drivers are required to attend and pass classroom and behind the wheel van training
  • Groups traveling 400 or more miles one way must submit a Van Reservation Request form and a Sponsor and Itinerary Form.

Van Reservation Forms

Additional Information