We are committed to providing secure access to campus buildings through our state-of-the-art card access system, in addition to key access.

Card Access Links

Phone: 651-696-6218
GET Online

Card Access

By default, staff and faculty will be granted general (exterior) access to academic and administrative buildings (not including Campus Center, Leonard Center, or the Library).  Faculty and staff who require additional access to office space, labs or classrooms, should contact their Department Coordinator.

All students will receive access to academic buildings during school hours with extended study hours as well as access to the Library link.  Students living in on-campus housing will be given access to their Resident Halls.  Additional access can be requested through your Department Coordinator.

Note for Department Coordinators and other authorized department requesters: To avoid unauthorized usage, the link for the online card access request form is not publicly available. If you do not have the link yet, please email keyandcardaccess@macalester.edu.

Resolving Issues:

How to I get Access to an area or building?

Contact the Department Coordinators responsible for the area and request access.  Please allow 5 days after the Coordinator submits the request for processing.

What do I do if my access is not working and it should?

Verify the access has been requested and then contact us at keyandcardaccess@macalester.edu or call 651-696-6218.  When contacting Card Access, in addition to the problem you are experiencing, please provide your full name, MAC ID number, and the iClass number from the back of your MacPass.


  • – Please note, credit cards, enhanced driver’s licenses, RF blocking holders, etc. may block your access card from working properly. If you are experiencing an issue, please try your access card without these items.

I think a card reader or door lock is not working properly.

Report the issue by submitting a work order request.  If the malfunctioning lock creates a security risk (door is unlocked), call Security immediately at 612-696-6555.

I lost my MacPass.

You can deactivate your MacPass by going through your GET funds account online or using the GET Mobile app.  Deactivating a lost card will prevent unauthorized charges against your account and misuse of your campus access.  If you find your card, it can be activated again using the same app, otherwise you can go to card services and get a replacement card (replacement card fee $5.00).  For additional information, visit the MacPass page.

Key Requests

Non-residence hall keys are issued at the Facilities Services Office and can be requested using the form provided below. Please note: student residence hall keys are issued by Residential Life. Please contact Residential Life for issues with any residence hall keys.

Key Access Request Forms

Report a problem with a lock or key

Key Returns

Students are responsible for returning the keys they checked out to the Facilities Services office before leaving campus for the summer, for study abroad, or any other reason, to avoid incurring lost key charges. Keys can be returned in the Facilities Services office during business hours, or in the 24/7 drop box outside the door. Please put keys inside an envelope with your name and ID number included before putting them in the drop box in order to ensure proper return.

Lost & Late Key Charges

There is a charge for lost keys; you will be charged $30.00 per key, payable by cash, check, or online credit card payment. Students may also have their student account charged. For keys returned late, a $10.00 per key late fee will be charged.