I wish to apply for residence in the French House during semester

How many years of pre-college French have you had?
1 2 3 4

What French courses have you taken in college?

Course Instructor Grade

What French courses will you be taking during your semester of residency in the French House?

1. I am planning to participate in a study abroad program in France or a French speaking country in

2. I have already applied and been accepted for study abroad in France or a French speaking country in

3. I have participated in a study abroad program in France or a French-speaking country in

My major (or prospective major) is:

My minor (or prospective minor) is:

I am presently a:

Have you applied to live in other on campus housing, and if so, where?

Please state briefly your reasons for wanting to live in the French House, what you expect to gain from this experience, what you expect to contribute

It is my understanding that the charge for a room in the French House will be $100 more per semester than the regular dormitory charge. Students are expected to cook once every 2 weeks and the cost of the meal should not exceed $20.00. It is my understanding that the house will have 1 common meal/week (to be determined at the beginning of each semester). I agree to participate in the dinner (including shopping, cooking, and clean-up) between 6:00 and 8:00 PM (exact times that fall between 6:00 and 8:00 will be finalized with all residents of the French House at the beginning of the semester) and that I will determine my work/activities schedule according to these dinners. First year students are not eligible to live in the French House.

I agree to make a conscientious effort to speak French at all times while in the French House and to comply with the other goals of the House as expressed in the Information Sheets accompanying this application (please print and retain these Information Sheets).

I will submit a letter of recommendation from a professor in the French and Francophone Studies Department. Please select a professor from the list provided and contact them for a recommendation. Please send the letter of recommendation to Theresa Klauer (klauer@macalester.edu).




Campus address


Cell Phone:

Macalester E-mail:

Other E-mail:


I. Criteria used in the selection of residents:

1) Completion of French 203 or its equivalent.

2) Motivation for living in the House.

3) Willingness to comply with the goals of the French House as expressed in the information, LA MAISON FRANÇAISE.

4) Recommendation by at least one faculty member of the French Department (to be requested by the student). Students who have lived in the House previously must have a positive recommendation from one of the Directors of the French House for that period of residence.

5) Participation in a Study Abroad Program in France or Francophone country (going and/or returning).

6) Declaration of a Major or Minor in French.

7) Enrollment in a French course during the semester of residence.

II. Factors considered for room choice (1 double, 2 singles):

1) Number of semesters in residence halls at Macalester (following Office of Residential life priorities).

2) Academic classification.

*During the year 2021-2022, double occupancy will depend on health recommendations provided by the College

III. Length of residency:

1) Because there are frequently more applicants than spaces available in the House, students will be accepted for one semester only and must reapply each semester.

2) A student who does not comply with the goals of the French House as found in this Information Sheet can expect not to be selected for another semester of residence and may even be asked to leave the House during the semester. In either case, this in no way affects the student's room contract with the college (i.e. he/she will be placed in other college housing or must go through the usual procedures, as stipulated by the Office of Residential Life, to move off-campus.

IV. Screening:

For the year 2021-2022 applications for residency in the French House are screened by the current Director of the French House in consultation with the Faculty Liaison of French and Francophone Studies and the Chair of the French Department.



1. Living in the French House will give you an opportunity to work on your spoken French. It will provide you with an everyday spoken vocabulary and an opportunity to develop fluency.

2. You will become better acquainted with French culture and with a world view which may be different from your own.

3. This living situation will provide an intensive preparation for study in a French-speaking country or a helpful reentry after study abroad.

It is a privilege to live in the French House and its residents must be willing to endorse its goals. They must speak French, participate in the evening meal which is at the heart of the communal French-speaking experience, agree to live cooperatively and respect the rights of the other residents, and participate in the programs of the French House. Living in the French House is not a matter of personal convenience to avoid living in the dorms. Residents should also realize that the existence of language houses at Macalester could be jeopardized by problems in the functioning of any language house.


1. Residents are expected to use French as the language of communication in the house.

2. One meal will be taken in common each week. This will provide an opportunity for discussion in French and for community building. Evening meals will be prepared by the residents and the French House Student Program Assistant. Day and time of meals will be decided during first week of the each semester.

3. Residents must be willing to cooperate in household maintenance, etc. and must be thoughtful of others living in the house with regard to cleanliness, etc. A cardinal rule should be "always leave a clean space after you; count on no one but yourself to perform your share of the work."

4. Residents should be willing to establish a community and to respect others with regard to music, noise, etc., to be tolerant of human foibles, and enter into interactions of good faith and goodwill.

5. Residents must be willing to take some responsibility with relationship to programs at the house, should help the French House Student Program Assistant plan them and should participate in them.


One of the faculty members of the French Department is in charge of:

1. Selection of the residents for the house in 2021-2022 (in cooperation with the current Director of the French house and in consultation with the department chair)

2. Liaison with the Residential Life Office

3. Consultation on cultural programs

The French Department seeks support of its academic program through French House activities. These are of two kinds: a) activities on a regular basis initiated by the French House Student Program Assistant and the house residents and approved by the French Department faculty liaison; b) activities initiated by the French Department such as special conferences or lectures, potluck dinner for students returning from study abroad, an academic reception for graduating seniors and their families, etc. In these cases, the French Department will work cooperatively with the French House Student Program Assistant on arrangements and give enough lead time (to be determined).