French House Terms and Conditions

Conditions for Admission

I. Criteria used to select residents:

  1. Completion of French 203 or its equivalent.
  2. Motivation for living in the House.
  3. Willingness to comply with the goals of the French House as expressed in the information, LA MAISON FRANÇAISE.
  4. Recommendation by at least one faculty member of the French Department (to be requested by the student). Students who have lived in the House previously must have a positive recommendation from one of the Directors of the French House for that period of residence.
  5. Participation in a Study Abroad Program in France or in a Francophone country (going or returning).
  6. Declaration of a Major or Minor in French.
  7. Enrollment in a French Course during the semester of residence.

II. Factors considered for room choice (1 double, 2 singles):

  1. Number of semesters in residence halls at Macalester (following Office of Residential life priorities).
  2. Academic classification.

III. Length of residency:

  1. Because there are frequently more applicants than spaces available in the house, students will be accepted for one semester only and must reapply each semester. Fall semester, priority goes to new applicants who haven’t lived in the French House.
  2. A student who does not comply with the goals of the French House as found can expect not to be selected for another semester of residence and may even be asked to leave the house during the semester. In either case, this in no way affects a student’s room contract with the college.

IV. Screening:

Selection of the residents for the house (in cooperation with the current Director of the French house, the Faculty Liaison from the Department of French and Francophone Studies and in consultation with the department Chair).