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Student Workers

Photo of Zinnia SchwartzZinnia Schwartz

Home: Evanston, IL
Majors/Minors: Classics and Linguistics Double Major
Dancing, playing ukulele, and learning languages
Favorite Restaurant in Cities:
Punch Pizza

Photo of Rachel PercyRachel Percy

Home: Boston, MA
Majors/Minors: Environmental Studies Major and Chinese Language and Culture Minor
Interests: Cooking, running, going on bike rides, and exploring new places
Favorite Restaurant in Cities: The News Room

Photo of Sophia GoldbergSophia Goldberg

Home: Atlanta, GA and St. Paul, MN
Majors/Minors: Linguistics Major
Interests: Learning different languages and drawing
Favorite Restaurant in Cities: Not sure yet

Photo of Matthew GloverMatthew Glover

Home: Gilbert, AZ and St. Paul, MN
Majors/Minors: Philosophy Major with Legal Studies Concentration
Interests: Watching NFL and NBA sports and covering sports for the Mac Weekly as well as playing video games and pickup basketball games with housemates
Favorite Restaurant in Cities: On’s Thai Kitchen

Photo of Vivian PowellVivian Powell

Home: Seattle, WA
Majors/Minors: Applied Math and Statistics Major and might do a Minor in Sociology and/or Psychology
Interests: Playing on the Macalester Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, participating in Lives of Commitment and learning about social justice and intersectionality
Favorite Restaurant in Cities: Everest on Grand

Photo of Olivia Hitchock-WillisOlivia Hitchcock-Willis

Home: Lincoln, NE
Majors/Minors: Political Science Major and Spanish Minor
Interests: Going to coffee shops, reading, doing yoga and spending time with her dog Ruth
Favorite Restaurant in Cities: Everest on Grand

Photo of Katie HerrickKatie Herrick

Home: St. Croix Falls, WI
Majors/Minors: Religious Studies and International Studies Double Major
Cooking, hiking, yoga and trying local coffee shops
Favorite Restaurant in Cities:

Photo of Leah RobothamLeah Robotham

Home: Kingston, Jamaica
Majors/Minors: Computer Science Major and Statistics and Linguistics Minors
Interests: Reading and baking
Favorite Restaurant in Cities: Shish