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Professional Development Seminars


The Institute for Global Citizenship works with partners across campus and in the community to provide meaningful professional development seminars for faculty and staff. Using immersive learning strategies, participants explore emerging cultural and political issues in communities close to home and around the globe. These multi-day transformative experiences generate scholarly and pedagogical innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. For more information email [email protected].

Faculty Development International Seminars foster collaborative learning about scholarly topics as well as the exploration of new methods of pedagogy that will resonate with our distinctive student  body. Seminars have engaged participants in intensive intellectual and cross-cultural experiences in locations such as Brazil, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Urban Faculty Colloquia, convened in collaboration with American Studies, allow participants to learn from community leaders in the Twin Cities and in other urban settings. Participants explore the historic context of place as well as emerging issues facing neighborhoods today. Participants also consider how the urban environment connects with academic programs and fosters curricular collaboration across disciplines.

List of Past Seminars