diagram of grant lifecycle

Pre-Award: Inquiry and Development

  • Project Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) contacts Grant, Foundation and Corporate Relations (GFCR) to discuss project ideas and possible funders
  • With assistance from GFCR, PI/PD prepares a draft narrative and budget, if necessary
  • Typical budget expenses may include: salaries, benefits, lab supplies, travel, consultants, publication fees, and indirects
  • Considerations may include assessment, Macalester match, support letters, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) involvement

Pre-Award: Proposal Submission

  • Proposal documents are reviewed internally before submission
  • To initiate the review PI/PD sends narrative, budget and completed Proposal Clearance Form (PCF) to GFCR a minimum of seven days prior to submission
  • Generally speaking, this internal review includes Provost, VP for Admin & Finance, Asst VP for Finance, and others as required
  • Upon internal clearance, GFCR or PI/PD submits the proposal to the funder

Post-Award: Award Notification

  • Funder notifies the Project Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) and/or the College of an award as well as conditions of accepting the award
  • GFCR coordinates campus and external publicity, if necessary
  • GFCR notifies other offices on campus, including the Grants Accountant

Post-Award: Award Set-Up

  • Grants Accountant sets up the grant
  • GFCR and the Grants Accountant complete the Grant Data Form (GDF)
  • GFCR and the Grants Accountant meet with the PI/PD and the Grant Administrator to discuss the conditions of the new award
  • Banner FOAPAL is activated
  • Banner access and approvals are given
  • Training on financial reporting systems is provided

Post-Award: Project Duration

  • PI/PD undertakes the objectives of the project
  • PI/PD is responsible for managing the funds
    • Funds must be spent according to funder requirements
    • Argos Grant Transactions Report should be used to monitor grant transactions on a regular basis
    • Grants Accountant provides assistance with monitoring and managing the funds
  • PI/PD is responsible for narrative and technical reports
    • GFCR provides assistance with narrative reporting
    • Grants Accountant prepares financial reports with assistance from PI/PD and Grant Administrator
  • Changes to the Award—PI/PD submits the Grant Revision Request Form (GRR) to GFCR for review and assistance with funder notification
    • Extensions
    • Budget Revisions
    • Change in scope
    • Other changes
  • GFCR and Grants Accounting partner with the PI/PD and Grant Administrators throughout the project

Post-Award: Project Closeout

  • PI/PD or GFCR submits final reports which may include: technical, narrative, and financial
  • Banner FOAPAL is closed
    • Banner access and approvals are removed
  • Financial records, supporting documents and other pertinent records must be retained in accordance with Macalester and funder requirements
    • Grants are subject to Macalester and funder audits from the beginning of the project period through the last day of the record retention period