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High Winds Fund

The High Winds Fund

Our mission is to maintain and improve the beauty, serenity, and security of the area surrounding the campus of Macalester College.

The High Winds Fund was established in 1956 through an initial gift to Macalester College from DeWitt Wallace in order to sustain property values during a time of suburban sprawl. Mr. Wallace had seen this cause challenges at other urban colleges and university neighborhoods around the country. 

Macalester College is a unique institution – a nationally respected liberal arts college in the heart of a thriving urban environment. The High Winds Fund helps to support and improve that critical environment for the benefit of Macalester’s students, faculty, staff, and neighbors.

Invitation to Our Community to Join Events at Macalester

Please see the Macalester Events Page for more information about what is happening on campus. We frequently invite our neighbors to join us. The best way to find events that are open to the public is to use the menu bar and select Event Search, Audience and filter by Public. You will find special lectures, athletics and a range of musical events. Some events may require registration or tickets and several are offered remotely by webinar.

Neighborhood Ambassador Program and Summer Block Parties

The High Winds Fund, together with Macalester Groveland Community Council, Union Park District Council and the University of St. Thomas are relaunching the Block Ambassador Program. First created about five years ago, this program established a handbook for the people on your block who coordinate the alley plowing, welcome the new neighbors, plan the block parties and generally keep you informed of what is happening around you. These are your Block Ambassadors. The handbook is a great resource that is full of ideas and how to be a great neighborhood! By signing up as a Block Ambassador, it enables better communication between the Community, the City and the neighbors on your block!