Note: If you are a Macalester employee interested in living near campus, please call our office about available housing.

Property listings on this page are limited to a one-mile radius around the college campus. Exceptions will be made for current Macalester faculty and staff.

How to Request a Listing

  1. Complete the Housing for Sale or Rent Form
  2. Submit up to four JPEG photos to

Please contact us when your property has rented or sold. Listings older than 90 days will be cleared.

Other resources for finding a home in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood:

  • Villager: every two weeks free community print newspaper lists housing for sale or rent; available at Dunn Bros. and the Campus Center.
  • Padmapper: a website that helps you locate rental housing by zip code (55105), rent amount, & size.


1798 Ashland, Apartment #3, $825 per month

One Bedroom, one bathroom apartment
Heat/water/sewer/trash included in rent
Resident pays for electricity and cooking gas
Coin-operated laundry in basement
Includes one locked storage area in basement, approx. 3 x 6
Building has total of 14 one-bedroom apartments
Building has new windows and new roof, well-maintained
Apartment #3 – South East corner on main floor (floor level is up 6 – 8 steps from the street level due to garden apartments below.) The apartment is on a corner and faces the alley as well as the garage/backyard of neighboring house. This apartment is very bright due to the East and South exposures.

Posted: 1/30/18



Did not find what you are looking for? Here are more resources:

  1. Our office has first hand recommendations for Realtor Steve Townley who lives a block from Macalester and has decades of experience finding housing for people in this neighborhood.
  2. Satisfied customers highly recommended Realtor Natasha Cejudo, a Mac alum that lives near Macalester with area expertise and a long list of Mac Alum clients.
  3. Padmapper, Zumper, Zillow, and Apartment List offer easy ways to search for housing in the neighborhood that has been advertised online.
  4. Many landlords post signs on properties for rent, so driving the neighborhood where you would like to live is a very good idea.
  5. Finally, the neighborhood’s free bi-weekly neighborhood newspaper, The Villager, has a few listings. However, it is only available in print.