How does a student (or group of students) make a proposal?

Students are asked to contact to discuss their idea early in the planning process, in order to best help prepare your application and implement a successful project from start to finish.

Completed applications must include the following:

  1. A written statement (not to exceed two pages) describing the project’s goals and work plan (who, what, where, how) including expected outcomes and prospects for future impact. Consider the following questions in your narrative: What experiences have motivated you to pursue this peace proposal? What is your definition of peace and how is this a peace project? What academic and outside of the classroom Macalester experiences have prepared you for this project? How do you intend to share your work with the Macalester campus after your project is completed? Describe your current and/or past relationship with the community partners you will be working with.
  2. A detailed, one-page budget (see examples here)
  3. A written letter of pre-approval and support from a community partner(s) involved in the project. The writer can submit these electronically to  and cc: (indicate “Davis Projects for Peace – Your Lastname” in the subject line.)
  4. A resume from each student leader(s)
  5. A letter of reference from a Macalester faculty or staff member who can comment on your preparation and ability to successfully complete a major community-based project. It is helpful, (but not required) that this person is aware of your project idea and can offer support/advice to you as you plan and complete the project. The writer can submit these via email to and cc:  (indicate “Davis Projects for Peace – Your Lastname” in the subject line.)

The full proposal should be submitted via email by 8 a.m. January 15, 2021 to  and cc:  (write “Davis Projects for Peace – Your Lastname” in the subject line.)

Before submitting a proposal, students are asked to meet with Karin Trail-Johnson to discuss their idea and to let her know that you will be submitting an application. To set up a Zoom meeting or ask questions, email .

Please note: Applicants for the Davis Projects for Peace prize are expected to adhere to Macalester’s Travel Advisory Policy. This policy requires students to secure college approval prior to traveling to a country or region of a country with a travel advisory.

How are these proposals submitted and judged?

A Macalester selection committee will review all proposals, conduct interviews with finalists and submit the top two qualified applications to Davis UWC Scholars Office. Projects will be evaluated on the connection to peace, innovation, feasibility, potential for a lasting community impact and preparation of the student(s). Final review and approval of all recommended proposals from individual campuses rests solely with the office of the Davis UWC Scholars Program, which will then forward the appropriate grant funds to each school with winning project(s). The national committee will announce the winning proposals in mid-March.

What is required for each project’s final report?

Each funded project must submit a final report after the project is completed to the Davis UWC Scholars office. The final report is to be limited to two pages of narrative using the final report form for posted on the national website. It also includes a separate one-page accounting of the funds expended. Students have the option of including up to three digital photos, attaching them to the end of their two-page final report. Final reports are submitted on disk to the Davis UWC office by Karin Trail-Johnson. Reports will be posted on the national program’s website.