At Macalester College, we recognize the importance of creating policies and practices that support students who identify as transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, and/or gender non-conforming to feel included and valued in our campus community. To this end, this webpage was created to provide an overview of the resources and processes we have in place to support students in exploring and affirming their gender identity.

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Trans Athletes: Varsity, Club & Intramural

Macalester College prohibits discrimination based on the basis of gender identity or expression and aims to provide equal opportunity for all students to participate in athletic activities. Read Macalester’s Official Transgender Inclusion Policies for Intercollegiate Athletics, Club Sports and Intramural Sports Activities on the Macalester Athletics website.

Locker rooms

In addition to specific locker rooms for men and another for women, the Leonard Center offers an all-gender locker room available to all students, staff, and faculty. For more information on getting a locker in the all-gender locker room, please contact Jay Anderson (

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All Gender Bathrooms


For people whose gender expression is not always recognized or validated, entering gendered restrooms can result in humiliation, harassment, or violence. To recognize the importance of the safety and comfort of everyone in our community, Macalester wants to ensure access to single-stall and/or all-gender restrooms on campus.

All-gender bathrooms are available in almost every building on campus, with intended renovations coming online every year. View the Macalester College Map for information specific locations.

View All-Gender Spaces at Macalester College in a larger map
  • 77 Mac: 4 single-stall restrooms in the Lower level/basement
  • Campus Center: 1 single-stall restroom in the Lower level, between the Highlander Store and SPO
  • Cultural House: 1 all-gender multi-stall restroom on the First Floor
    • *Not wheelchair accessible
  • Dupre: 2 single-stall restrooms on the first floor, next to Dupre Hall Office
  • 1 single-stall restroom on the basement floor
  • Doty: 2 single-stall restrooms on the Basement floor
  • Janet Wallace Theater Building: 2 single-stall restrooms on the First floor, next to the box office
  • Janet Wallace Art Building: 2 single-stall restrooms on the Second floor, next to the print studio
  • Kagin2 all-gender multi-stall restrooms on the Lower level, along the back wall
  • Kirk: 2 single-stall restrooms on the Lower level, next to soda machines
  • Leonard Center: 1 single-stall locker room (with shower) on the First floor, next to pool entrance
  • Library: Multi-stall restrooms on the second floor and one on the fourth floor
  • Markim Hall: 6 single-stall restrooms, two on each floor
  • Neil Hall: 1 multi-stall restroom on the Second floor
  • Old Main: 2 single-stall restrooms on the Fourth Floor
  • Weyerhaeuser: 2 single-stall restrooms on the first floor, next to Boardroom

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The Health and Wellness Center

All HWC staff are committed to promoting health and wellness for our LGBTQA+ students in a safe and supportive environment.

The Health and Wellness Center offers guidance for students hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Contact Steph Walters ( ) for more information.

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Intentional housing for transgender & nonbinary students is available for first-year students on the first floor of Doty Hall and available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the All-Gender Community on Kirk 4.


Please contact the Office of Residential Life ( with specific housing/roommate needs or to seek exemptions for first-year courses that are residential but are assigned to a floor that doesn’t have bathroom options that meet your needs. 

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Students are free to live with whichever gender they identify with on single gendered floors. 

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Initiating a Name Change

Anywhere that your legal name is not required by a business need, law, or regulation, Macalester can use your preferred or recognized name. These uses of preferred or recognized name include class rosters, email communications, surveys, directory, Dean’s List, Housing Assignment program, announcements to hometown newspapers, etc. Please email Addy Free at to start using a recognized name at Macalester.

Email and Google Apps

Students may choose to receive a new email address that utilizes their institutionally recognized name’s first initial. If changing from a pre-existing Macalester email address, all files and correspondence from your previous address are transferred to your new one, and your previous address becomes an alias to your new one; this means that all correspondence sent to your previous email address will be automatically forwarded to your new one.

Note: If your old name has been saved as a contact in someone’s email account they will need to individually go in and update their address book to prevent future emails being addressed to you using your dead name.

College Directory

Your institutionally recognized name will show up in search results, class rosters and most college correspondence; likewise, your professors and classmates will only see your institutionally recognized name. Students should note, however, that paper mail sent to your permanent address will also be addressed to your institutionally recognized name, meaning those on its receiving end will see your institutionally recognized name.

ID Card

You can receive a new identification card (and take a new ID picture, if you choose) for free after changing your name in the College’s systems.

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If you feel you have been disrespected by any member of the College on the basis of your gender identity or expression, contact the Title IX Coordinator at or at 651-696-6258. Learn more about TITLE IX AT MACALESTER.

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