When do I get paid?

Refer to the Payroll Calendar.

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How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

To set up direct deposit, log into 1600grand. Select the Employee tab. Under the Employment Details heading is a Direct Deposit link for you to add a direct deposit allocation. Another method to set up Direct Deposit is by downloading and completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF) and deliver the completed form to the Payroll Department at 77 Mac, Suite 302.

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Where can I see my Pay Stubs?

Payment records can be viewed on 1600grand.

  1. Log into 1600grand
  2. Click on the “Employee” menu
  3. Find the “Employment Details”
  4. Click on “Pay Stub “

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I’ve lost my check! What do I do to get it replaced?

If a check is lost, destroyed, or stolen, it should be reported to the Payroll Department. The Payroll Department will place a stop payment on the check in question. There is a $30.00 stop payment fee. Once payroll receives confirmation that the check has not been cashed, a replacement check will be issued. This process can take up to 48 hours to complete.

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How do I complete my timesheet?

Macalester uses an online time reporting system via 1600grand. Go to Non-Exempt Staff— Timecard Entry for directions.

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How is my salary calculated?

All questions concerning salaries should be directed to the Provost (Faculty) or Employment Services (salaried staff).

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How can I change my tax withholding?

Download and complete a new Federal W4 Form (PDF) if you would like to make a change to your tax withholdings. Special rules do apply to international faculty and staff.

To complete a W4 change online:

  1. Log into 1600grand
  2. Click on the Employee Menu
  3. Under “Employment Details,” click on “Tax Forms”
  4. Click on “W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances”
  5. Click on “Update”
  6. Make desired changes
  7. Click on “Certify Changes” and re-enter your password.

Changes will be made to both Federal income tax and Minnesota income tax. If you only want Minnesota income tax changed, download and complete the Minnesota W-4 (PDF).

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What will my check look like if I change my tax exemptions or my benefits?

Paycheck City is a website you can use for these “what if” situations. Download the instructions (PDF) to walk you through entering the information from your Macalester College payroll check necessary for the calculation. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the instructions.

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Where is my paycheck delivered?

If you do not have Direct Deposit set up, your payroll check is delivered to your current permanent address on file with Employment Services. To view or change your address, visit 1600grand and look for the “Personal Information” channel on the “Employee” menu. Employees who receive Direct Deposit do not receive a paper pay stub, and can view/print their paychecks via Employee menu,

Employees who receive Direct Deposit do not receive a paper Pay Stub, and can view/print their paychecks via Employee menu, “Employment Details,” “Pay Stub”.

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For which holidays do I get paid?

Holiday pay is based upon benefit eligibility. Please refer to the Employee Handbook to determine whether or not you are benefit eligible. At the present time, Macalester College provides ten paid holidays for each fiscal year.

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What is my vacation, sick, or floating holiday balance?

Leave balances can be viewed on 1600grand.

  1. Click on the “Employee” menu
  2. Find the “Employment Details”
  3. Click on “Leave Details”

Detailed leave accrual and usage records can be viewed by clicking on each leave type. Questions regarding your leave balance(s) should be directed to Employment Services.

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