Winter Overnight Parking restrictions go into effect November 15th through April 15th .

Students who park their vehicles overnight in Lot 2 West are required to move their vehicle bi-weekly in accordance to the parking schedule, so that Facility Services can clean and properly plow the lot. Beginning Sunday November 15 th , you must be parked in the designated area of Lot 2 West, or your vehicle may be cited and, or towed.


Vehicles parked overnight must have a properly displayed, valid overnight parking permit. Vehicles parked overnight without an overnight parking permit may be ticketed, or towed.
Winter Parking Restrictions

Winter Parking Restrictions

Winter parking restrictions go into effect November 15th – April 15th each year. Vehicles must be moved bi-weekly from Lot A to Lot B, or Lot B to Lot A, in accordance to the parking schedule. Owners will be notified to move vehicles via RAVE Alert System, or group text. Vehicles that are not moved may be issued a parking ticket, towed, or have parking privileges revoked.

Winter Parking Schedule

Dates Lot
November 15th – November 29th A
November 30-December 13 B
December 14th – December 27th A
December 28th – January 10th B
January 11th – January 24th A
January 25th – February 7th B
February 8th – February 21st A
February 21nd – March 6th B
March 7th – March 20st A
March 21nd – April 3th B
April 4th – April 17th A

Winter Parking Map

Snow Emergency

When a snow emergency is declared, all vehicles must be moved from the lot to a designated area. Vehicles that are not moved will be towed, issued a non-compliance fee charged to their student account, and parking privileges revoked. Owners will be notified of the snow emergency via RAVE Alert, or a group text.

Long-Term Parking

If your planning to be out of town for the Holidays, your vehicle must be parked in the designated long-term parking areas:

  • Long Term Lot A – West row of West 1 Parking Lot
  • Long Term Lot B – Parking spaces on the north side of the tennis courts (moving east to west)

Long Term Parking Registration

If you have any questions, please email