The Veggie Co-op is a special interest option of 19 students who choose to live together in the manner of a cooperative. They share meals and each participate equally in the work required to maintain an active and healthy community experience. This has traditionally been a very close-knit group who take seriously their responsibilities toward the creation of a family atmosphere where each member has an equal and important role in the growth of the community. Common meals and weekly meetings are a mandatory part of the experience, and each student is required to contribute $500 per semester to the general pool for buying food and other provisions for the Co-op. As implied in the name, the Veggie Co-op is a vegetarian community so no meat is allowed in the living space. An application and selection process is conducted each spring before roomdraw and current residents are responsible for recruiting and filling the roster for the following academic year. This living option is available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors only.

 Veggie Co-op application for 2018-19

Applications are due by 11:59 PM on Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Veggie Co-op is an intentional meat-free living community, located on campus in the football stadium and is open to all rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Contact Flora Fouladi, Veggie Co-op Resident Assistant, for more details or stop by and visit us at the Co-op.

Location: The Veggie Co-op is located in the Macalester Stadium on Snelling Avenue.
Description: Beneath the bleachers of the Stadium lies a unique living option. All rooms have air-conditioning units, high ceilings and many have a half-story loft. The Veggie Co-op is a co-ed residence hall.
Resident Information: The Veggie Co-op houses 19 sophomores, juniors and seniors and one Resident Assistant. If you live in the Co-Op, you will not have a meal plan.
Bathrooms: Two bathrooms available. Gender designation decided by co-op to meet all residents needs.  Historically, bathrooms have been designated all-gender.
Laundry Facilities: Two laundry rooms, one in each bathroom.
Kitchen: There is a full kitchen with full-size refrigerator, sink, stove, and microwave oven.
Lounges: There is a lounge located in the middle of the building, adjacent to the kitchen.
General Room Information: The Veggie Co-op has  lofted double and triple rooms all on one floor.
Room Dimensions: Double: 11’9” x 13’11” ; Triple: 13’11” x 16’
Room Furnishings: The Veggie Co-op has traditional, non-lofted furniture.