Tuition and Fees for 2017 – 2018 Academic Year


Fall 2017

Spring 2018






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Additional Tuition and Fees Information for 2017-2018

$1,632 Part-Time, less than 12 hours per semester (per semester hour)

$3,265 Hours in excess of 18 (per semester hour to a maximum of 20)

Note: Charges for hours in excess of 18 per semester are waived if students enroll for 12-14 hours in the other semester of the same academic year. They are not waived if students enroll in fewer than 12 hours or withdraw from a fourth course.

$1,632 Macalester Graduate, maximum of 5 hours per semester

Note: Graduates taking more than the stated credit limit are billed the regular part-time or full-time tuition rate for all credits.

$410 Audit only, non-Macalester graduate (per credit)

$1,576 Summer Independent Study (Summer 2017, per semester hour)

No Charge January Break Independent Study (January 2018, 2 semester hours max)

$480 Private Music Lessons, non-major student

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Additional Room and Board Information for 2017-2018

$5,434 Board Charge ($2,717) per semester)

$  650 Commuter Meal Plan (per semester)

$6,238 Dormitory Room Charge ($3,119) per semester)

$6,438 Language Houses (room only)

$7,138 Apartment (room only)

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Health Insurance

All Macalester students are enrolled and charged for health insurance at the beginning of the academic year. Health insurance is mandatory.

  • Students are responsible to waive out of the plan.
  • Students must waive out of a plan before credit can be issued.
    JULY 1, 2017 and August 25th in order to receive credit.
  • DEADLINE to waive out: August 25, 2017

For more details, see the Health and Wellness web site or contact Sue Rothenbacher at  To waive out, go to Gallagher/Koster web site.

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Charges From Other Offices

Many Macalester departments and offices, such as the Library, Registrar, Music Department, Health Services and Art Department put charges and credits on students accounts. The Student Accounts Office acts as a clearinghouse for these transactions.

If an item on your account needs clarification or adjustment, you should first contact the originating department to discuss it.

Item Department Telephone
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office 651-696-6214
Health Service Charge Health and Wellness Center 651-696-6275
Library Fines Library 651-696-6406
Music Lesson Fee Music Department 651-696-6808
Late Registration Fee Registrar 651-696-6200
Dorm Damage Charge Residential Life 651-696-6215
Lost Keys Facilities Services 651-696-6797
Other Student Accounts 651-696-6161

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Finance Charges

If your account is not paid by the dates indicated, a finance charge of .67% per month (8% per annum) will be assessed on the unpaid balance.

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Returned Check/Payment Charges

All returned checks are redeposited. If the check fails to clear, the amount of the check and a $20 fee is assessed to the student’s account. After three Returned checks/payments, the student/parent will be required to make further payments with cash, cashier’s check or money order. A hold will also be placed on the cashing of personal checks at the Student Accounts Office.

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credit balance refunds

Requesting refunds for credit balances on student billing accounts will be processed as follows:

  • Credit balance refund requests must be received in the Student Accounts Office on or before Monday at 4pm to be disbursed on the Friday of that week.  Holiday schedules may apply and change availability of disbursements. 
  • Credit balance refund requests may be emailed to the Student Accounts Office or the student may stop by the Student Accounts Office to have the form filled out. Email:
  • Credit balance refunds due to financial aid/payments/credits will not be processed before the first day of class of the semester for which they are intended.
  • Credit balance refunds will not be disbursed until the credit balance is on the student billing account and will not be processed for more than the amount of the credit balance. 
  • Credit balance refunds will be disbursed to the student.  The only exception is when a credit balance is due to a Federal Plus Loan- in this case only, the credit balance refund may go to the parent. 
  • Credit balance refunds (direct deposit or check) may be requested up to three times (maximum) per semester.  
  • Cash disbursements of $50 or less due to credit balances will only be granted once per month. 
  • Newly disbursed financial aid or credit balance due to other account changes may be refunded upon request and will follow the normal refund process and policies. 
  • Credit balances due to over payments or payments made when a balance was not owing will remain on the student billing account for future charges.  Macalester College will not act as an intermediary for transference of funds through the credit balance refund process. 
  • Credit balances due to over payments or payments made by wire transfer will remain on the student billing account for future charges or returned to the sending institution.  Macalester College will not act as an intermediary for transference of funds through the credit balance refund process.
  • If a student or other person on behalf of the student is enrolled in the Tuition Management System (TMS) payment plan, no refund will be issued until the plan has been paid in full.
  • If a student reduces their credit load and the change in enrollment status creates a credit balance, the student may be required to apply the credit balance to their institutional loan disbursements. 
  • If a student withdraws from the College, makes changes to their registration and/or room and board, or incurs tax assessments after receiving a refund, the student may be required to repay all or a portion of the refund amount back to the College. 
  • If a student withdraws from the College and a credit balance results because of the change, the College will post the available credit balance as repayment of institutional loans taken during that semester prior to issuing any refund. 
  • Credit balance refunds are processed 3-4 weeks following a status change due to non-registration.  This would include graduation, withdrawal, leave of absence, etc.