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Catie Gardner Smith
  • Catie Gardner Smith
  • Assistant Vice President for Engagement
  • 651-696-6189
  • she/her

Alumni Engagement

Erin M. Updike
  • Erin M. Updike
  • Director, Alumni Engagement
  • Oversees alumni engagement strategy, reunion strategy and programming, and international engagement strategy. Supports the Alumni Board. Team collaboration and planning, cross-departmental and cross-campus partnerships, staff management.
  • 651-696-6079
  • she/her
Lauren Greene
  • Lauren Greene
  • Associate Director, Alumni Engagement
  • Regional Alumni chapters and engagement, Signature Regional Programs, Mac In Your City, MacTogether Programming, 25th reunion committee staffing, works with Alumni Board Committees
  • 651-696-6239
  • she/her
Rebecca Kline ’18
  • Rebecca Kline ’18
  • Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Initiatives & programs at the intersection of Alumni Engagement & Entrepreneurship, including the Alumni Board MCSquared working group, Macathon, Online Alumni Business Directory, engagement opportunities for alumni & parents, reunion committee staffing and manages Reunion student staff.
  • 651-696-6540
  • she/her
Rosalinda Miguel
  • Rosalinda Miguel
  • Assistant Director of Affinity & Identity Engagement
  • Engagement strategy and programming for affinity and identity groups, including the Alumni of Color Collective and Scots Pride. MacDirect strategy and oversight. Works with the Alumni Board Diversity Working Group.
  • 651-696-6588
  • she/her
Tamoanchan Lucero
  • Tamoanchan Lucero
  • Assistant Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement for Career Exploration
  • Initiatives & programs at the intersection of Alumni Engagement & Career Exploration, including the Alumni Board MCSquared working group, career pathways engagement opportunities for alumni & parents, reunion committee staffing
  • 651-696-6289
  • they/them
Sophie Hilker ’20
  • Sophie Hilker ’20
  • Alumni Engagement Coordinator
  • Supports the Alumni Engagement Office. Works with the 50th reunion program, Alumni Board, Regional Events, and student staff supervision.
  • 651-696-6261
  • she/her

Macalester Fund

Eva Timmons
  • Eva Timmons
  • Director, Macalester Fund
  • Team collaboration and planning, overall strategy, revenue strategy, cross-departmental and cross-campus partnerships, staff management
  • 651-696-6876
  • she/her
Elizabeth Boyer
  • Elizabeth Boyer
  • Senior Associate Director, Macalester Fund
  • Staff management, alumni donor strategy, Class Agent program oversight and strategy, Class Agent management (1957-2011), reunion gift program oversight and strategy
  • 651-696-6784
  • she/her
  • Trent Russell
  • Associate Director of Leadership Giving
  • Grand Society program management, leadership giving portfolio, Grand Society Agent management, Reunion leadership gifts strategy and coordination, 25th Reunion gift management
  • 651-696-6982
  • he/him
Tony Saputo-Swanson
  • Tony Saputo-Swanson
  • Associate Director of Parent Philanthropy & Engagement, Macalester Fund
  • Parent engagement strategy, staff liaison to the Macalester Parent Council, parent leadership portfolio and parent volunteer program management
  • 651-696-6981
  • he/him
Gabriella Gillespie ’17
  • Gabriella Gillespie ’17
  • Assistant Director of Communications, Macalester Fund
  • Multi-channel Macalester Fund communications, communications coordination across Engagement, Macalester Alumni social media
  • 651-696-6072
  • she/her
Abbey Kamin
  • Abbey Kamin
  • Assistant Director, Outreach Center
  • Outreach Center oversight and strategy, Outreach Center student worker management, donor acquisition strategy
  • 651-696-6074
  • she/her
Maja Reyes
  • Maja Reyes
  • Office Coordinator, Engagement & Macalester Fund
  • Day-to-day office management, front line donor support, student worker management, administrative support, special projects
  • 651-696-6818
  • she/her

Special Events

Kate Frampton
  • Kate Frampton
  • Director, Special Events
  • Event strategy lead; Presidential and Trustee events; major campus events; high profile rental event consultant; Commencement Oversight Committee; reunion event strategy; Bon App catering liaison; events relationship management
  • 651-696-6067
  • she/her
  • Andi Wulff
  • Associate Director, Special Events
  • Campus-wide event consultation; Provost, Presidential, and Advancement event support; reunion logistics strategy; Entertainment Committee Chair; student worker management
  • 651-696-6083
  • she/her
Kiernan Bartlett
  • Kiernan Bartlett
  • Event Manager, Special Events
  • Campaign & Alumni Engagement off-site event logistics lead (local and national); Presidential Home and Briggs House event lead; task force off-site meeting support; Reunion event support; Engagement and alumni events support; Campus event support as needed
  • 651-696-6894
  • she/her
Kathryn Dijkstra ’14
  • Kathryn Dijkstra ’14
  • Data Specialist, Special Events
  • Manages data, event and resource systems including Slate for Special Events; Alumni Board and Reunion Committees logistics support; Reunion and event website work; campus event support as needed; supervises Special Events student employees
  • 651-696-6980
  • she/her