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Task Force on Budget

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Provost and Dean of the Faculty

The purpose of the Task Force on Budget (TFOB) committee is to 1) collect and prioritize program and staffing requests submitted as part of the annual budget process; 2) develop an annual budget recommendation for submission to the Senior Leadership Team; 3) provide strategic input and insight from all areas of the college to inform decisions related to financial expansion and restriction as needed on an annual basis.

TFOB members:

Patricia Langer, TFOB Chair, Vice President of Administration and Finance

Dave Berglund, TFOB Staff Assigned, Associate Vice President for Finance

Jennifer Guyer-Wood, Executive Director of Career Exploration

Shirley Jiang, Student Representative

Erik Larson, Faculty Representative, Professor of Sociology and Chair

Brian Lindeman, Assistant VP of Admissions and Financial Aid

Marga Miller, Assistant Provost

David Moore, Strategic Planning and Analysis Committee Chair, Associate Professor of International Studies & English

Kate Roarty, Staff Advisory Council Representative, Library Operations Specialist

Deanna Seppanen, Director of the High Winds Fund

Kelly Stone, Chaplain; Associate Dean

Carley Stuber, Assistant Vice President of Development

Jenn Haas, ITS