Theater and Dance majors are required to enroll in THDA 490 Capstone Seminar, and complete a senior capstone project that consists of individual research leading to an essay of 20- 25 pages. Capstone proposals are due the week after spring break of the applicant’s junior year.


The Honors Project in Theater and Dance is a year-long research project that builds on the individual research developed during the Capstone Seminar. Honors Projects may take the form of a monograph (60-90 pages) or consist of a creative component accompanied by a critical essay (30-45 pages).

Students are eligible to pursue an Honors Project in Theater and Dance if they have a Macalester College GPA of 3.30 or better, and a Theater and Dance GPA of 3.50 or better. Theater and Dance Department Honors projects are accepted at the discretion of the faculty and staff. The Department encourages majors with a demonstrated record of excellence in Department coursework and production to pursue Departmental Honors in their senior year.

Theater and Dance Capstone and Honors Requirements

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