Theater and Dance alums, current students and professor making art happen in the Twin Cities at Bedlam Theatre, Minneapolis. Andi Cheney ’09, Professor Harry Waters Jr, John Bueche ’92, Chris Garza ’11, Alana Horton ’14, Maya Vilaplana ’14.

Theater and Dance faculty and staff are enormously proud of alumni, whose training in performance histories and practices in theater and dance have led them into rewarding careers in the arts, teaching and related areas. Alumni have contributed in significant and sustained ways to the quality of the performing arts and arts education in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. These alumni are guests in our department courses, or work on productions as guest professionals in design or choreography. Our current students see the work of alumni on local stages and alumni have been generous with their time and their own networking capabilities with new and recent graduates.

Recent graduates are also living and working as artists and educators in other “arts hub” cities:  Chicago;  New York;  Los Angeles; London; Honolulu;  San Francisco; Boston; Nikosia, Cypress; Tokyo, Japan. Faculty and staff hear regularly from alumni who are working in non-urban settings, having an impact on their communities as arts advocates, teachers and practitioners.

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