Students in the Theater and Dance Department encounter a number of opportunities to participate in the performing arts in the Twin Cities and beyond. Through study abroad, jobs/internships, and work study, careers are jump-started and passions grow.
  • Study Away
    Studying abroad can add depth and excitement to a Macalester student’s experience. From Paris to Connecticut to Moscow, THDA students have discovered amazing things while away.
  • Internships and Professional Development
    Having an outside job or internship which relates to the performing arts enables students to build their resumés, make key professional connections, and enrich their learning.
  • Work Study
    The Theater and Dance department thrives with the help of many student workers every year, in the office, costume shop, and scene shop.
  • Department Awards
    THDA gives annual awards for excellence in both theater and dance, for performance, leadership, and choreography, as well as quality, depth, and commitment in the senior capstone or honors project.