A variety of sources exist to support paid learning experiences for Macalester students. In addition to gaining a deep understanding of subject matter, and acquiring skills essential to graduate school and post-graduation employment, the experience itself is often exhilarating.  Many projects result in the opportunity to present findings at regional or national conferences; some students also the get the opportunity to publish their results. Talking to your advisor and your professors about research opportunities is a good first step.

Programs that require student initiated applications for the summer of 2017 include:


Chuck Green

LiveIt Program

Macalester Summer Internship Grants

Science Research Opportunities

  • In addition, Macalester faculty also have the opportunity to apply for Collaborative Summer Research (CSR) funds that supports student-faculty collaborative research during the summer. Faculty can contact Paul Overvoorde (overvoorde@macalester.edu), Associate Dean of the Faculty for more information.
  • Examples of Past Projects