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The Macalester Summer Internship Grant (MSIG) provides funding for unpaid internships so Macalester students may have access to invaluable, career enhancing summer experiences.


Staff involved in operating Macalester College funded summer experiences have been meeting regularly with college administration to determine how these programs will function in 2020, given the worsening COVID-19 situation. The Macalester Summer Internship Grant program for unpaid internships is still forging ahead, but under these updated guidelines:

  1. Applications are now closed.
  2. We will only consider applications for internships that are virtual or that can be moved easily to virtual as dictated by safety conditions. Proposals that include any on-site work will need to be justified and include a clear plan that ensures the safety of the student. With the COVID-19 situation changing so quickly, we strongly recommend that you focus on creating a solid virtual internship experience.
  3. The host organization must agree that the proposed work may be done remotely and that they are willing to fully support this kind of virtual internship.
  4. No internships will be considered that involve international travel. Exceptions will be considered for students living at home in a country outside the U.S.
  5. All things considered, half-time virtual internships may be prioritized over full-time; full-time remote roles have often proven very challenging in the past unless they are unusually well supported/managed! Let us know if you feel your proposed internship could still work on a half-time basis by sending a note to by the deadline.
  6. Everything continues to be fluid and changing by the day, so awards may be contingent upon external factors (e.g. travel and safety restrictions).

*Check back regularly for updates on the status of the program. (updated 5/28/20)

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Summer internships offer robust learning/work experiences that help students advance their academic interests and careers. Unfortunately, a number of great internships are unpaid, and therefore not an option for many students with limited financial resources. To help address this, in the summer of 2020 Macalester College will provide grants to students to do 10-week unpaid internships anywhere in the world. This funding is meant to help defray living costs for the duration of the unpaid internship, including housing, travel, food, etc.

Four types of grants will be awarded: (all internships should be 10 weeks in length)

  1. $5,000 for full-time (at least 35-40 hours/week) internships and student is paying rent.
  2. $3,500 for full-time (at least 35-40 hours/week) internships and student is living at home/no rent.
  3. $2,500 for half-time (at least 20 hours/week) internships and student is paying rent.
  4. $2,000 for half-time (at least 20 hours/week) internships and student is living at home/no rent.