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Summer Internship Grants

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The Macalester Summer Internship Grant (MSIG) provides funding for unpaid internships so Macalester students may have access to invaluable, career enhancing summer experiences.

Macalester Summer Internship Grant has awarded all funds for summer 2022.

See the “Past Recipients” section below for 2022 awardee information.

MSIG 2022

Summer internships offer robust learning and work experiences that help students advance their academic interests and careers. Unfortunately, a number of great internships are unpaid, rendering them inaccessible for many students with limited financial resources. To help address this, Macalester College will provide grants for students to complete 10-week unpaid internships in Summer 2022 that help defray living costs for the duration of the unpaid internship, including housing, travel, food, etc.  

Two levels of grants will be awarded:

  1. $5,500 for full-time (at least 35-40 hours/week) internships 
  2. $2,750 for half-time (at least 20 hours/week) internships 

What’s changing this year?

  • We will pilot an earlier application process where students will apply in February 2022 without having a confirmed internship.  We believe that this will reduce barriers to entry for students, as in prior years, many applicants worked to secure unpaid opportunities without knowledge that those would be funded since the application process happened later in the semester. 
  • In March and April, selected students will engage in cohort-based support aimed to prepare them to conduct steps of the internship application and selection process. Funding will be contingent on having an internship offer by April 15th.

What is the 2022 timeline?

  • Wednesday, January 19th: Application opens
  • Monday, February 21st at 8:00 a.m. CST: Applications due
  • Wednesday, March 2nd: Decision notifications sent to candidates
  • March/April: Students accepted participate in programming with Career Exploration designed to help secure and prepare for internships
  • April 15th: Deadline for participants to have an internship offer in hand
  • April 29th: Internship registration deadline
  • April-May: Additional programming for students to prepare for their internships
  • May 16th: Beginning of internship
  • July 22nd: End of internship
  • Access additional grants and fellowships on the Paid Summer Opportunities page.

Student Eligibility

  1. Currently enrolled rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors who will return to Macalester (either on-campus or through a Study Away program) for the 2022-23 academic year
  2. Committed to working full-time (35-40 hours) or half-time (~20 hours) at an organization for 10 weeks (May 16th – July 22nd)
  3. Good standing with the college (academic and conduct)
  4. Has not/will not receive an additional substantial award from Macalester (e.g. students cannot receive the MSIG award AND a scholarship/grant from an academic department)
  5. Must have an internship offer in hand by April 15th, 2022

Selection Criteria

As funds are limited, the Macalester Summer Internship Grant gives preference for students who have financial need and those who have not already received the MSIG grant in previous years.  

In the application, students should also demonstrate the following:

Self-reflection and visionStudent can articulate their interests, skills, strengths and values. Student can convey how these connect these to their academic path and areas of interest. 
Problem-solvingStudent shows ability to respond with flexibility and take proactive steps towards solutions. 
Growth mindsetStudent demonstrates curiosity and willingness to learn.
Bias towards actionStudent conveys a willingness to move forward with an idea, try new things, make mistakes and learn as they go. 

Internship Site Eligibility

Internships should primarily be with non-profits, NGOs, small start-up companies, and government entities anywhere in the world. All internship sites must be able to demonstrate the capacity to provide a stable, well-supervised, quality learning experience for the student. They must also commit to providing Macalester with comprehensive feedback on the work of the student and compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guidelines (U.S. sites only). International internships may not be in countries that appear on the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4.

Internship sites that may not qualify: 

  • Any internship that is paid (an hourly rate). Internships receiving small stipends (e.g. housing or living stipends) may still be considered for funding. 
  • Laboratory-based research in academic settings (Macalester provides support for this kind of research through Endowed Summer Research Funds, See the Olin Rice Hub’s website for more information.) We may consider research in other non-academic settings and in a broader range of disciplines. This might include research in social sciences, government, health, and environment. If in doubt, we encourage you to contact us.
  • Internships with organizations owned or operated by immediate family members.
  • Internships involved with direct proselytizing for religious work or for a political campaign.
  • Corporate and private sector internships; exceptions have been made in fields that historically do not pay interns, including media, entertainment, etc. Consult with Career Exploration
  • This grant can not be used to pay for a program or program fees.

Application Process

  1. Review the “At A Glance” chart to help you confirm that the MSIG program fits well with your Summer 2022 goals
  2. Read the Information Packet and Application Preview
  3. Submit the Handshake application form
  4. Submit the Google application form, which will include: 
    1. Uploading your responses to short-answer prompts in video format
    2. Uploading your resume
  5. Find a faculty or staff recommender willing to fill out the Faculty/Staff Reference Form on your behalf. This should be someone who can speak positively about your candidacy in the program. It is your responsibility to send the link to this form to your faculty and inform them of the application deadline.

Application Review

  1. Career Exploration will review your application beginning February 21st, 2022. 
  2. The internship team, in collaboration with the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, will finalize the MSIG cohort. 
  3. Applicants will be notified by March 2nd, 2022. 

Requirements and Expectations for Funded Students

  1. Participate in the full 10 weeks of the MSIG program (May 16 – July 2022).
  2. Complete all internship paperwork and register the summer internship for one credit by April 29th. (Tuition cost of the one credit in summer will be waived.) 
  3. Complete the MSIG Internship Agreement.
  4. Attend an orientation meeting on Zoom.
  5. Complete career-focused engagements and attend three online meetings over the course of the summer.
  6. Maintain contact with the Faculty Sponsor and submit all internship evaluations on time (Two Week Check-In, Mid-Term Evaluation, and Self-Evaluation/Reflection).
  7. Produce and submit photographic documentation of internship experience.

Participate in the Summer Showcase for Fall 2022 – click here to view the Fall 2021 Summer Showcase.

Payment of Students

Students will receive their grant paid out in three installments over the course of the summer for their 10 week internship. The purpose of this grant is to offset the costs of living/travel expenses during the internship.

The award will be treated as taxable income for federal and state income tax purposes and Macalester will issue a Form 1099-Misc to US citizens and permanent residents and a corresponding copy to the IRS. International students will receive this information on Form 1042-S which can be accessed through the Glacier Tax Software used by International Student Programs. Students should consult their parents or a tax advisor for federal and state income tax filing questions.If you have questions, please contact Kate Larson ( or Jinna Johnson ( in Career Exploration.

COVID-19 Policies

Important updates for COVID-19: 

  • Given the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, you may be asked to submit additional paperwork should your internship be hybrid or remote. If this is the case, Career Exploration will contact you for this documentation at the time of your internship registration.