The college Alumni Office maintains the alumni directory, MacDirect.
Jill Merrick '16, Clinical psychology w/children and adolescents.
Reavy Alcott-Fike '16, Teaching or non-profit work.
Katelyn Kack '16, Grad School for Educational Leadership.
Anthony Grahai '16, Hamline University for License to teach Secondary English.
Rebecca Hawk '16, Earn Master's in Teaching middle school English.
Rosa Colman '16, Hope to work in politics.
Anna Van Sice '16, Graduate School for Social Work.
Emily Elkins '16, A work in progress.
Erin Hustad '16, Hamline for teaching license, science.
Max Guttman '16, Become certified, teach middle school English/art.
Christina Bloom '16, Become high school teacher.
Elena Friedman '16, Immediate work for Americorps and become a teacher.
Kelsey Larson '16, Work in education field in the Twin Cities.

2015 Graduates
Eura Chang '15, Research intern @Edu.Evolving (summer), Fulbright ETA-Senegal (October-August).
Rob Granfelt
'15, Private music lessons (drum) at Music Work Northwest, a non-profit music program.
Christian Smith
'15, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Educational Policy Studies PhD program.
Willliam Matsuda '15, National Geographic in D.C. (fall 2015 internship). In January Will starts an internship at Aperture Foundation.
Ronit Zemel '15, Harlam Day Camp, Asst. Director.
Inga Roen '15, Conservation Apprentice this summer in Warren MN with the SWCD of Marshall County. After this I may be substitute teaching.
Emma Ensign-Church '15, Portland, Oregon Junior High School Coach at College Possible.
Mike Waltman '15, Fulfilling an NIM PostBac TRTA in Bethesda, MD.
Tyler Krentz '15, Second grade teacher at Achievement First in New York City and graduate student at Relay Graduate School of Education. He will receive his MAT in 2017

2014 Graduates
Adam Bauer '14, Field representative for Wakefield Pork, Inc in Gaylord, MN.
Mela Still '14, Minnesota Historical Society.
Christa Nilsen '14, Math for America in NYC & taking classes at City College of New York's School of Education.
Rachel Voit '14, Field Instructor with New Vision Wilderness Therapy in Medford, WI.
Ross Bronfenbrenner '14, Employed at Wellesley for summer and hopefully an admissions job after that.
Bailey Rehnberg '14, Environment Maryland, a non-profit in Baltimore, MD where I will be completing a 2-year clean water fellowship.
Elise Hollinger '14, Chicago Teaching Fellows-Special Education Teacher.
Mollie Rose Siebert '14, I'm self-employed as outdoor educator, seeking future employment in seasonal land-based education work.
Erin Schulz '14, Teach for America in Central Washington-Junior High English.
Phoebe Marcus '14, New Sector Alliance-Rise Fellowship in Chicago.
Jessica Ramirez Vasquer '14, Extracurricular instructor/translator/curriculum coordinator at KairosPDX.

2013 Graduates
Stacey Murrell '13, Master's program in Social Science at the University of Chicago and will be applying to PhD programs in History this fall '14.
Nic Lechault '13, 5-12 Social Studies License program at Hamline University.
Alyssa Marakle, '13, College Possible Twin Cities.
Hannah Van Den Brandt, '13, Moving to Washington, DC; looking at grad school, working in the field of reproductive and sexual health.
Riley Koval '13, Attending the University of Notre Dame School of Law.
Kesha Berg '13, Pursue teaching certificate and teach in Twin Cities.
Kyanna Jones '13, Tutoring job in either North Carolina or Chicago.
Hannah Warman '13, University Child Development School Seattle, WA. Will be a Resident Teacher in their year-long program and work on MAT at the University of Washington or elsewhere.
Celia Marshall '13, Hamline University for K-6 teaching certificate and possibly MAT.
Kelsey Austin-King '13, Menlo Park, CA. Fulbright English teaching assistantship, Columbia (Bogata).
Jasmine Ball '13, Firm Marketing Coordinator for Securian Financial Advisors in Bismarck, ND.
Beatrice Rendon '13, Teach for America-elementary Kansas City, MO.
Susan Yang '13, Will teach English in French Guiana.

2012 Graduates
Diana Clark '12, Viola, WI. Day care teacher in Pre-school room and working towards teaching credential in Madison, Wisconsin.
Catherine Flint '12, Palo Alto, CA. Working in Oakland, CA for a program called Citizen Schools and working torwards teaching credential in secondary math.
Jeanmarie Youngblood '12, New York, NY. Pursuing Ph.D. in math at University of Minnesota
Kaitlin Roh '12, Columbus, NE. Fulbright 2012-2013 research in Amman, Jordan.
Will Dhonau '12, Fond Du Lac, WI. Junior Coach at College Possible in Twin Cities.
Taylor Tinkham '12, Minneapolis, MN. Baker/bavista at Songbird Cafe', applying to Foodcorps, volunteering for nutrition/urban gardening nonprofits.
Marcus Fleming '12, Mankato, MN. Teaching English in Yongin, South Korea.
Anna Schiltz '12, Minnetonka, MN. Teaching preK-8th grade Spanish in Pensacola, FL & studying for Master's in Education with Notre Dame's Alliance for Catholic Education Program.
Maggie Hutchinson '12, Evanston, IL. City of Lakes AmeriCorps in Mpls. Public Schools. Serving as a literacy tutor for intermediate ELL middle school students.

2011 Graduates
Faith Kwon '11, Rolling Hills, CA. Teach for America in Los Angeles.
Marissa Warden '11, Mankato, MN. Teach for America Memphis, TN.
Kevin Finnegan '11, Oak Park, IL. Admission Possible, Twin Cities
Evan Vogel '11, Shorewood, WI.
Julia Smith '11, Burlington, VT. Working in Lima, Peru as Program Director at Building Dignity.
Emily Pancoast '11, Louisville, CO. Teach for America, Denver.
Jillian Kahn '11, Germantown, TN. Americorps VISTA in Minneapolis.
Amanda Caneff '11, Madison, WI. TFA in Southern Louisiana (Baton Rouge).
Matthew Mitchell '11, Chippewa Falls, WI
Leah Krieble '11, Brooklyn, NY
Arella Vargas '11, St. Paul, MN
Eric Robinson '11, San Francisco, CA
Sadie Cox '11, Chicago, IL, Youth Development at PP: or TA at Expo.
Manon Gentil '11, Marseille, France, Teaches at Hearts Leap Preschool and writer at Living in Harmony in San Francisco Bay Area.
Marguerite LaFarge '11, Denver, CO, Teaching position MATCH Charter School.

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