The college Alumni Office maintains the alumni directory, MacConnect.

2020 Graduates
Grace Clark, Starting an AmeriCorps program called Community Technology Empowerment Project at Project for Pride in Living in Minneapolis. Planing to get a job in environmental education.
Maria Peterson, Working at Sunny Hollow Montessori in St. Paul as an aide in a preschool classroom. Interested in community organizing, maybe a master’s degree.
Katie Hunter, Will serve as a Fulbright ETA in La Rioja, Spain. Until then, will live and work in my hometown, Des Moines.
Max Danielewicz, Urban Teachers Fellow in Washington DC. 2-year master’s program with Johns Hopkins, 4-year commitment in DC.
Roni Margalit, AmeriCorps Fellowship at the Legal Rights Center in Minneapolis. Intend to get a Montessori license for early childhood education and a master’s in early childhood development.
Brooke Carey, I hope to pursue an Ed.S. Or PhD in School Psychology.
Gary Huang, Working at Securian Financial life insurance company in Saint Paul. I would like to teach English abroad for a couple of years before coming back to the United States for a year of service, and then grad school in some Education/ESL related field.

2019 Graduates
Diana Stone, Working at Fusion Hill or Starkey Hearing Aids in marketing.
Sophie Nadler, Working at MNHS for summer, hope to pursue family/school/youth programming in museums.
Missy Stevanovic, Working in DNR as an assistant naturalist, with further studies in fellowship in environmental ed.
Sasha Hixson, Work in sex education
Rebekah Griffen, Graduate school
Mia Smith, Working at Sea Salt restaurant, possibly youth farm. TBD!
Ashton Horsley, Employment counselor at Community Connections Partnership in St. Paul and Director of Children’s Ministries at Fairmont Avenue United Methodist Church.
Emma Heuchert, Working with kids, graduate school for library science.

2018 Graduates
Cassidy Reves-Sohn, Graduated from University of Chicago with AM degree in Social Work (2020).
Sarah Kolenbrander, Finished master’s in secondary social studies, will teach Human Geography and US History @ Centennial HS in MN (2020).
M. Therese Deslippe, Work at L’Arche for one year, then grad school in Fall 2019 for early childhood special education.
Kevin Xiong,
Will be pursuing a master’s program at the University of MN in counseling and student personnel psychology.
Kristen Tuttle, Working at College Possible, taking classes at Hamline toward K-6 teaching license and MAT.
Mikayla Ferg
, AmeriCorps VISTA position with Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board.
Sarah Matzdorf,
helping conduct research at Regions Hospital.
Tracy Pham,
Freedom School, Neighborhood House, and then grad school.
Iris (Xintong) Liu,
educational counselor in Shanghai, China.
Ella Schoenen, working at Highland Park Montessori School, then hopefully TA in SPPS.
Cecilia Caro, returning home, and then back to the Twin Cities.
Robin Webb, working at a Girl Scout Camp, then maybe Americorps or classroom teaching.
Clara King, working as research assistant, then hopefully Americorps.
Molly Lloyd, working at Step by Step Montessori in Wayzata, MN.

2017 Graduates
Ally Milenkovic, Received MG in Chemistry and now working at the Academy of Science in St. Paul and tutors in STEM (2020).
Atticus Kleen, College Possible in August ’17 and eventually Grad school.
Dorothy Moore, Teaching fellowship at Ascend Charter Schools, Brooklyn, NY for two years.
Ollin Montes, Americorps Service or Organizing work w/ISAIAH.
Robert Lin, Hoping to be EA in St. Paul Schools and eventually teach in St. Paul Schools.
Emily Bohlig, Grad School at University of MN for Math M.S. with emphasis on Education to further teach at Community College.
Ryan Jordan Harris, Hopefully work with high school students in Twin Cities.
Elena Torry-Schrag, Sawhill Canoe Outfitters, BWCA, with Grad school in future for social work or teaching.
Nuoya Wu (Nora), Women in Public Service project at Wilson Center, DC & Master in International Education Policy/Public Policy.
Ngan Nguyen, Masters of Art in Teaching at Brown University, secondary social studies teacher and educational research.
E. J. Schoenborn, Working at Expo summer school and Rustbec Poetry Slam, maybe grad school at Hamline.
Leyla Suleiman, Working towards licensure in literature for middle/high school literature teacher.

2016 Graduates
Erin Hustad, Obtained teaching license in middle and high school sciences; 7th grade science teacher at Global Arts Plus (SPPS) (2020).
Kelsey Larson, Graduated from Stanford Teacher ED program (2020), accepted 8th grade position at Maplewood Middle school secondary social studies (2020).
Jessie Miller, Accepted into UIC’s Sociology doctoral program (spring 2020).
Kassia Massey, Received Masters in Elem Education, U of Michigan; now teaching 4th grade Orchard Hills Elementary in Novi, MI (2020).
Jill Merrick, Clinical psychology w/children and adolescents.
Reavy Alcott-Fike, Teaching or non-profit work.
Katelyn Kack, Grad School for Educational Leadership.
Anthony Grahai, Hamline University for License to teach Secondary English.
Rebecca Hawk, Earn Master’s in Teaching middle school English.
Rosa Colman, Hope to work in politics.
Anna Van Sice, Graduate School for Social Work.
Emily Elkins, Currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Minnesota (class of 2021).
Max Guttman, Become certified, teach middle school English/art.
Christina Bloom, Become a high school teacher.
Elena Friedman, Immediate work for Americorps and become a teacher.

2015 Graduates
Christian Smith, Finished PhD in Sociology at University of Wisconsin. Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Berea College (2020).
Jennie Kim, Works at Middle Seat Digital in D.C. as a Senior Digital Strategist (2020).
Eura Chang, Completed first year of law school at the University of MN (2020).
Rob Granfelt
, Private music lessons (drum) at Music Work Northwest, a non-profit music program.
Willliam Matsuda, National Geographic in D.C. (fall 2015 internship). In January Will starts an internship at Aperture Foundation.
Ronit Zemel, Harlam Day Camp, Asst. Director.
Inga Roen, Conservation Apprentice this summer in Warren MN with the SWCD of Marshall County. After this I may be substitute teaching.
Emma Ensign-Church, Portland, Oregon Junior High School Coach at College Possible.
Mike Waltman, Fulfilling an NIM PostBac TRTA in Bethesda, MD.
Tyler Krentz, Second grade teacher at Achievement First in New York City and graduate student at Relay Graduate School of Education. He will receive his MAT in 2017.

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