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Transfer Applicants

Macalester offers admission for U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and international students who have completed one or more semesters as a full-time college student following high school graduation. The College will accept no more than the equivalent of two years (sixty-four credit hours) from courses earned at a college or university prior to matriculation at Macalester and subsequent to graduation from high school.

Fall Term Deadlines

  • Application Deadline April 15
  • Priority for Financial Aid April 15
  • Decision Notification May 15
  • Applicant Reply Date 2 weeks after notification

Requirements for Your Common App Application to Macalester

  • Common App Account & Application

    At you can create an account. Choose Macalester for your college list.

    All Transfer application materials for both admissions and financial aid are due by April 15. If you wish to be considered for financial aid, you must indicate your interest when you apply via the Common Application. Financial Aid.

    There is no application fee.

  • College or University Transcript

    You must have official transcripts of all college-level coursework sent to Macalester directly from the school(s) or via an official online transcript service from all colleges you have attended. A transcript issued to the student is not considered official.

  • Final High School Transcript

    Request that your secondary school(s) send Macalester official transcript(s) of all classes and grades beginning with 9th grade.  If you attended more than one high school, check to make sure all years are included on the most recent transcript.

  • Two Recommendation Letters (College Instructor/HS Teacher)

    Required: Two recommendation letters

    • One recommendation letter from a counselor or school official
    • One recommendation letter from a teacher – An evaluation from a teacher in one of your primary academic courses of study.

    If you have been out of college for more than one academic year and have difficulty obtaining an academic report, contact the Dean of Admissions at Macalester to explain your situation.

Optional Items

  • ACT or SAT (optional)

    Macalester recently adopted a permanent Test-Optional admissions policy, starting with the Fall 2021 first-year class. This includes ACT, SAT, SAT II, AP, and IB.

    There will be no penalty for students who choose not to submit test scores in the selection process or distribution of merit scholarship. You can learn more about our Testing Policy here.

    If you believe your standardized test scores will add another positive layer to your application file, then please feel free to submit scores to our office or self-report them in the Common Application. Macalester’s testing codes are 2122 (ACT) and 6390 (SAT).

  • Submit Art Samples or Portfolio (optional)

    If you have made a substantial commitment to the arts in the areas of fine arts, music, theater or dance, you are welcome to submit samples in your application portal.

  • Additional Recommendation Letter (optional)

    Transfer applicants are not required nor encouraged to submit more than the two required recommendations. However, if you wish to have an additional letter of support, we ask that you choose carefully to ensure that the additional recommendation provides a new perspective not already present in your application. The additional recommendation may be from a teacher, employer, coach, community organizer, mentor, or anyone else you feel will provide additional information necessary to your application. 

Transfer Checklist Items to Be Completed in the Macalester Application Portal

Once an applicant has successfully submitted their application, they will receive login information for an applicant portal that will enable them to see their current application status and access forms below.

We understand applicants may face challenges obtaining the Mid-Term Report and the College Report on or before April 15th due to school closures. We want to assure you that we will be flexible with regard to these requirements given the current situation. If you are having difficulty obtaining these reports, please email and we will reach out to assist you.

Mid-Term Report (Currently enrolled students)
Currently enrolled students should print the Mid-Term Report form (available in the Macalester Application Portal). Take the form to each instructor with whom you have a spring-term class, and ask the instructor to provide a mid-term progress grade for their class. When completed, you may upload a copy of the form via your Application Portal using the Upload Materials section and selecting “Transfer Mid-Term Report”.

College Report
Print the College Report form (available in the Macalester Application Portal) and take the form to the Dean of Students or Registrar. Please ask that the official forward the completed form to Macalester’s Admissions office. Allow the school official ample time to complete and submit the form prior to the application deadline.

Transfer Applicant Contact

Adam Van der Sluis ’11
Associate Director of Admissions

Transfer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)