The main purpose of the SLC is to ensure that Macalester is providing an education consistent with its college-wide student learning goals, as derived from the Mission Statement and Statement of Purpose and Belief. To this end, SLC will:

  • Engage the Macalester community in identifying college-wide student learning goals and connecting those goals with various domains (i.e. institutional, co-curricular, general education, academic departments) of student learning inquiry at Macalester;
  • Evaluate the extent to which college-wide student learning goals, as identified by the Macalester College community, are being met. This is done by synthesizing information gained from multiple domains of student learning inquiry (i.e. institutional, co-curricular, general education, academic departments);
  • Collaborate with the Institutional Research Office and Assessment Office on reporting relevant college-wide student learning findings to the Macalester community and general public;
  • Advise Macalester officials, committees, and departments on utilizing student learning inquiry findings to facilitate achievement of college-wide student learning goals.

In Spring 2012, Macalester Faculty, the Student Affairs Division, and the Board of Trustees approved the Statement of Student Learning. The Statement describes the college-wide values, learning goals, and student responsibilities promoted by a Macalester education. Please follow the link above for the full document.  A brochure connecting the Statement of Student Learning to educational success at Macalester is also available.

SLC is comprised of nine members of the Macalester faculty and staff with the addition of one member of the Macalester alumni and two current students. For the 2016-2017 academic year, SLC members are:

Paul Overvoorde, Associate Dean of the Faculty (Chair)
Andrew Beveridge, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Nancy Bostrom, Assistant Director of Assessment
Adrienne Christiansen, CST Director and Associate Professor, Political Science
Polly Fassinger, Director, Institutional Research
Terri Fishel, Director, Library
Zornitsa Keremidchieva, Director of Writing and Senior Lecturer, Political Science 
Kimerly Miller, Alumni Representative 
Noah Nieting, Student Representative ’17
Nuoya Wu, Student Representative ’17

For more specific information about SLC and its activities, please see the meeting minutes.

Minutes from the most recently completed academic year are included here; please see the library archives for earlier academic years.