CMME Study Away Programs

Participation in a Study Away program is a required for all Major tracks within the CMME Department. Classics is a highly international field of study, and studying abroad can provide students with personal and educational experiences which exceed those that can be taught in a classroom. Students studying abroad can travel to learn from experts in their chosen field; to pursue higher levels of foreign language study and immersion; to see firsthand ancient cities, artifacts, and architecture; and/or to engage in the cultural reciprocity of traveling abroad.

Faculty-Led Study Away Opportunities

The Macalester CMME Department offers two short-term faculty-led Study Away experiences. The first is Macalester’s January in Rome program, in which students enroll in a semester-long class which explores the urban life of Ancient Rome: from the imperial consumption of Greek art; to the integration of Ancient Roman architecture into subsequent monuments; to problems of conservation in the context of the modern city. The course culminates in a two-week trip to Rome, led by Macalester’s own CMME faculty, and includes site visits to places such as Pompeii and Ostia. This program is offered approximately every other year.

The second is Macalester’s Omrit excavation located in Tel Shalem, Israel. Students participate in a three-week archeological dig, working with Macalester faculty and global experts in preservation to record, excavate, and conserve the site. Further information on the rich history of this incredible site, as well as information on Macalester’s continued work on the site, see this article published by Eritz Magazine on The Hadrian Enigma.

Semester or Summer Study Abroad Programs

There are a number of other department-approved programs which offer different experiences to those listed above. Semester abroad programs such as those offered by Centro and Sijal, or even other short term intensive language programs may fulfill the Study Away requirements for a CMME Major. For help selecting a program, please contact your academic advisor in conjunction with an advisor from Macalester’s Center for Study Away.

For a list of programs which Macalester CMME students have attended or which the department recommends, please visit the Semester Programs page.

Archaeological Opportunities

In addition to Macalester’s faculty-led Omrit dig, students looking for archaeological excavation opportunities can visit the Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunity Bulletin, or can feel free to connect with department faculty to discuss further possibilities.