Alternative Testing is an accommodation approved by Disability Services to provide access to course examinations, tests and quizzes for students whose disability limits their ability to access exams equally as others in the course. Alternative Testing accommodations can be provided by  a faculty member, academic department, or through the MAX Center. Students should communicate with faculty on their preference, but faculty make the determination of where exams will be administered as long as appropriate accommodations are provided.  

Student Responsibilities

On approval of Alternative Testing, the student will: 

  • Be familiar with the Macalester MAX Center Testing Procedures: 

Alternative Testing Procedures for Students 

  • Discuss accommodations with faculty members and how testing accommodations will be implemented.

AIM Procedures for Testing Accommodations

Scheduling Tests in  MAX Center Through AIM

If there questions or concerns about how to access accommodated exams, please work with Disability Services or the MAX Center.