Associate Professor (NTT)


Tina P. Kruse is an author, professor, and consultant specializing in the psychological foundations of student learning, with a focus on youth development and social justice. She earned a BA from the University of Notre Dame (1994), MA and PhD from the University of Minnesota (2007) to become an Educational Psychologist with an interdisciplinary interest in supporting the academic and life success of all students. Her early professional work with community-based organizations propelled her pursuit to foster equitable opportunities for marginalized youth. More recently, Dr. Kruse developed a framework for “youth social entrepreneurship” to leverage a mutual benefit for youth and communities which has been embraced by many nonprofits around the U.S. Her 2019 book, Making Change: Youth social entrepreneurship as an approach to positive youth and community development, is now part of Oxford University Press’ series on “Social Justice & Community Youth Practice.” Currently, she is a consulting author of the United Nations’ 2019 World Youth Report, which promotes youth social entrepreneurship as a key vehicle towards the 2030 Agenda to reduce inequality in all forms.

As a faculty member in the Department of Educational Studies at Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota since 2004, Dr. Kruse offers courses in Educational Psychology; Community Youth Development; Social-Emotional Learning; and Student Motivation. She is active with students outside of class as an academic advisor and supervisor for internships and independent research projects. She has served Macalester on a range of initiatives including consulting for the Office of Assessment on Intercultural Competence and co-directing a multiyear $800K grant on campus-wide Integrative Learning. She serves her local community as a member of the Leadership Board for Sprockets Out-of-School-Time Network of St. Paul and the Advisory Board for Sisterhood Boutique, a youth social enterprise in Minneapolis.

Additionally, Dr. Kruse consults with high-school and college students using an internationally recognized model of academic coaching. In this role, learners benefit from her skills in facilitating student growth, while enriching her own expertise about building equitable opportunities for success. Outside of her professional work, Kruse is married and parent of three children. She’s an active member of local and national groups focused on youth safety and well-being.