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Equity Education Resources

Institutional Equity recognizes that we are all learners, and we encourage opportunities for self-education and reflection. Included here are a few resources available at and to the Macalester community. We will continue to expand the list of educational resources and programs. 

Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM)

Macalester is a member institution of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), a consortium of small colleges. The ACM offers recordings of professional development workshops in anti-racism.

The ACM also offers a Graduate School Exploration Fellowship (GSSF) to students of marginalized communities. The GSEF program was designed for students interested in pursuing study and research in the humanities, humanistic social sciences, and arts. All qualified sophomores from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply for the GSEF, including: African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, other Pacific Islanders; First-generation college students; and individuals who have followed non-traditional pathways to college due to exceptional talent and motivation in the face of adversity, such as societal, economic, or academic disadvantages. More information about GSEF:

Big Questions

The Big Questions series connect the broader Macalester community while digging into the world-changing issues that Macalester is addressing in and out of the classroom. Topics include “Athletics and Activism”; “Creating Inclusive Communities”; “History, Power, and Silence”; “The Impact of Hate Speech”; “The Role of Art in Making a Better World”; and “The Role of White Parents in Combating Systemic Racism.” Access recordings:

DeWitt Wallace Library

The DeWitt Wallace Library hosts several important sites of knowledge. 

The Counterbalance contains a selection of materials from the Macalester College Archives, as well as student projects that have made use of archival collections. These materials speak to unofficial narratives and events, and most importantly, to student resistance and resilience, that demonstrates student ability to build meanings and communities in the face of traditional systems and structures which haven’t always welcomed or included them. Access the Counterbalance website:

The Timeline of the History of Multiculturalism and Internationalism at Macalester includes the history of important alumni, moments, and locations of activism, diversity, equity, and inclusion at Macalester. Learn more about the history of the Cultural House, the Expanded Education Opportunities program, international programs, and notable alumni of color:

Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching 

The Serie Center offers may helpful resources for faculty and scholars, including resources on anti-racist pedagogy and equitable and inclusive teaching. They also host workshops and conversations, many of which focus on equity and justice. More information:

Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship (IGC)

The Annan IGC strives to be a collaborative space for reimagining what a world that is focused on equity and justice could look like. For more information about programs and opportunities available at the Annan IGC: Specific resources for faculty and staff development can be found at The IGC houses several programs and fellowships that share the mission of transforming the Macalester campus and academia by centering the experiences, knowledge, unique visions, and intellectual contributions of students of color. Find out more about Building Communities of Insurgent Learning:

Additionally, the Civic Engagement Center (CEC) in the Annan IGC supports learning through off-campus partnerships and resources. Learn more:

Liberal Arts College Racial Equity Leadership Alliance (LACRELA)

Macalester is a founding member of Liberal Arts College Racial Equity Leadership Alliance (LACRELA), which recognizes the critical role liberal arts colleges play in addressing historical injustices affecting our students, faculty, staff, and our communities. Through LACRELA, Macalester participates in monthly eConvening sessions on racial equity, an online resource portal for equity-related materials, and workplace climate surveys. LACRELA is hosted by the USC Race and Equity Center.

As a member institution, Macalester faculty and staff have full access to the LACRELA racial equity portal. Equity Connect is an online repository of racial equity resources, tools, and a forum to actively participate in virtual communities of practice. Downloadable equity-related rubrics, readings, case studies, videos, slide decks, and conversation scripts are included on Equity Connect and accessible to all employees at Macalester. Equity Connect provides an interactive space for engagement across alliance member colleges in the form of communities and groups, where members can discuss with each other pending problems and exchange resources.

This online repository includes eConvenings, three-hour professional learning experiences held virtually every month and hosted by the USC Race and Equity Center. All session materials from 2021 are currently available and 2022 eConvening session materials will be swiftly uploaded as well.

Faculty and staff should go to to create an account. Once the account is verified, log in at

Mac Digital

Mac Digital hosts several resources about anti-racist pedagogy and scholarship on race and racism.