Major Requirements

A major in French consists of a minimum of nine courses beyond FREN 204 to include: a) FREN 306; b) FREN 305 or FREN 307; c) seven advanced courses (300 and 400 level), including: at least one course in a period preceding the 20th century (depending on the topic this could be: FREN 394, FREN 412, FREN 414,  FREN 415, or FREN 494); at least one course on a francophone region (depending on the topic this could be: FREN 394FREN 394, FREN 407, FREN 408, FREN 409, FREN 416, or FREN 494; at least one culture course (depending on the topic this could be FREN 394, FREN 408, FREN 409, FREN 410, FREN 411, FREN 416 or FREN 494; d) the senior capstone requirement; e) an appropriate study abroad program as approved by the department.

Senior Assessment

During the senior year, majors will be required to demonstrate proficiency in language, literature and culture by successfully completing a series of evaluations as outlined in departmental materials.