Why Geology at Mac?

The geology department welcomes students with an interest in the Earth and its 4.6 billion year history. Our courses address current topics in earth science and provide an appreciation of scientific principles and techniques used to explore the dynamic Earth. A diversity of upper-level courses enables students to pursue specialized interests within the geosciences. Ultimately, the program strives to provide skills and experiences that foster critical thinking and a lifelong curiosity in the natural world.  Many of our students continue on to graduate programs and careers in the geosciences.

Students planning a future career in the earth sciences should complete the departmental major. Students who wish to incorporate an interdisciplinary specialization into their major should consult department faculty for advice on appropriate courses. Areas of specialization could include geophysics, tectonics, environmental geology, soils, sedimentology, stratigraphy, taphonomy, geomorphology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, and paleobiology.

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