Our primary language placement tool at Macalester College is an online placement exam. Incoming students receive information on that exam in the summer information packet from the Academic Programs office. Transfer students or more advanced students who did not take the placement exam when entering Macalester but would like to do so now, should contact Brenda Piatz in the Academic Programs office (piatz@macalester.edu / x 6036).

Upon completion of the online exam, students are given a score, and the information packet from Academic Programs will indicate which course to register for based on that score. The German Studies faculty strongly recommend that students register for the indicated course; if they find upon attending that the course is too easy or too difficult, they should consult with the faculty member teaching that course about options.

Students who place into German 204, 305, or 308 need to participate in an additional short oral interview and produce a writing sample to confirm their placement in these courses. Likewise, students wishing to fulfill their foreign language requirement with German need to do the oral interview and the writing sample to complete the fulfillment of the requirement. Students wishing to make an appointment to do the oral interview and writing sample or anyone with questions about placement in German should contact Rachael Huener in German Studies (huener@macalester.edu/x 6759).

Students entering Macalester with an AP (Advanced Placement) Score of 4 or 5 receive credit for completing German 204 and are encouraged to register for German 305 or 308. To determine which course is most appropriate, contact Rachael Huener for an oral interview and writing sample.