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Mental Health Medication

The Hamre Center prescribes and manages mental health medications. All members of our medical provider staff can meet with you and either continue medications you started at home, initiate new prescriptions, or talk to you about ways to integrate medical and counseling care for your mental health.  For those who require specialty psychiatric care, we can either refer you off-campus or ask our consulting psychiatrist to meet with you in the Hamre Center.


  • How can I use this service?

    For most mental health medication needs, simply make an appointment with a member of the medical team. Like most medical visits, these are free of charge. Meetings with the consulting psychiatrist are scheduled only after meeting with a Hamre Center health care provider (counseling or medical), who can provide the necessary referral.  The consulting psychiatrist is on campus 1-2 times per month.

  • What if I need to cancel my appointment with the consulting psychiatrist?

    You may cancel your appointment by calling our office at 651-696-6275 or via email ([email protected]). For the consulting psychiatrist’s schedule, we require you cancel at least 24 hours in advance so that another student can utilize this appointment time.  No-showing your appointment may jeopardize your ability to continue use of this service.

  • What if I need a medication refill?

    First call your pharmacy or check your prescription bottle to see if refills already available. If no refills are available, please make a follow-up appointment with your prescribing provider. If you will run out of medication before your scheduled appointment, contact your provider in the patient portal (or call the front desk) to request short-term refills.

  • What if I need to contact the consulting psychiatrist between appointment times?

    Call the Hamre Center at 651-696-6275. A staff member will relay your message to the consulting psychiatrist or the medical staff and we will get back to you as soon as possible.