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Jen Moore, MA Counseling, LPCC, NCC

Mental Health Counselor

They / Them / Theirs

From Jen: “Hi! I approach counseling from a combination of intersectional feminism and liberation psychology methodologies. What this looks like in practice is that I am not big on medical models of mental health or pathologizing folks’ pain. I will stay by your side as we examine what is causing you distress. Often what is seen as the problem is really a symptom of a larger issue. I strive to offer a supportive environment and a helpful relationship which allows you to gain increased awareness, insight, and skills to live the life you want. I believe that you’re the expert on you and I am someone who is honored to be part of your journey. We will be real people, working together towards the goals you have, or perhaps working together to uncover what they might be. We’ll work to connect you to services and with communities that can also support you. Most importantly, you get to set the pace and determine the areas we take a look at together, say no to suggestions, use any and all of the art supplies in the office, and experience support while navigating challenging experiences. It is also my hope that sometimes in our work together we’ll make time and use energy to cheer your successes, celebrate your boundaries, and raise up the things that bring you joy.”

Jen Moore (they/them/theirs) comes to Macalester after ten years in the mental health field, the last seven being within their private practice which specialized working folks living with marginalized identities. Many of Jen’s clients were members of queer, transgender, non-binary, gender expansive, and/or ethically non monogamous communities, while often holding many additional intersecting identities and coming to counseling for a huge variety of reasons. Jen has worked with folks ages 3 to 83 and loves to be creative and break the mold of what counseling and healing looks like. Jen works to live into values that center communities of care, transparency and consent, cultural responsiveness and humility, intentional actions of advocacy, laughter and joy and resting, and connecting to nature whenever possible. 

Jen is a white, queer, neurodiverse and genderqueer/non-binary individual who grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jen has also spent about 10 years living in Boise, Idaho as well as time studying and working abroad (Ecuador in 2007, South Korea in 2009-10). A former collegiate athlete and radio sports commentator, Jen still enjoys the movement and the community that supportive sports environments can help offer. When not overthinking things and getting excited about all the things they don’t know yet, Jen loves to travel, watch college basketball (Go Boilers!), buy plants and try to keep them alive, cook mediocrely with music on, and do dot-to-dot puzzles as a fave self soothing technique. If you have any questions about Jen’s identities, education, or areas of interest and expertise within mental health, please feel free to email them at [email protected].

Licensed in Idaho as an LCPC and in Minnesota as an LPCC

Updated in June 2023 Katie Tingleff