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Tiger Simpson, MS, BA

Director of Health Promotion and Sexual Respect

He / They

Tiger returned to Minnesota in 2022 after living in various other states: North Dakota, Missouri, Oregon, and, most recently, California (don’t worry, he is ready to figuratively embrace the snow again). In a society that often favors treatment and response, Tiger approaches his work with a passion for prevention and outreach, wanting to identify trends and make impacts where it truly matters before potential problems get worse. A hipster at heart, Tiger enjoys analyzing culture and encourages others to do the same, striving to understand and change the harmful behaviors we have come to accept as normal while highlighting and empowering the positive social norms of authenticity and respect.

A fan of games, mystery, creativity, and people in general, Tiger loves to learn about the passions of others. When he isn’t at Macalester, he is likely spending time with loved ones, exploring the Twin Cities, or writing his own stories that he may or may not ever publish.

Updated July 2023 Nancy Casco