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Healthy Sleep

Good sleep — consistent, restorative, and sufficient — is fundamental to college success. But it can also be elusive, especially when multiple deadlines loom. Through our healthy sleep approach, we hope to make pulling an “all-nighter” as culturally irrelevant as the landline. So whether it’s creating a sleep friendly room or finding the best spots to nap, let us help you sleep better and get to class rested and ready to succeed.

Join the Sleep Well Initiative

Teaching a First-Year course and want to support your student’s sleep habits? Contact Audrey Seligman ([email protected]) to schedule a brief sleep visit to your classroom. We bring swag and knowledge.

Sleep Resources

Anyone can benefit from our sleep resources below.

Find a Place to Nap

Naps are a wonderful way to add some zzzzs into your sleep bank.  The ideal nap is 20-30 minutes long and no later than six hours before bed.  Looking for places on campus to take a nap? Use the Nap Map for locations as well as the pros/cons of each napping space.