The Hamre Center is an integrated college health care clinic that provides medical, counseling, and athletic trainer services to currently enrolled Macalester students during the academic year. No matter your identity or experience, we strive to establish a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for each person who comes through our doors or interacts with our staff in other settings. And we are committed to continuous learning to make our services more equitable and accessible to all students.

Because of our staffing and structure, we work closely with Twin Cities healthcare best meet the needs of students with more long-term or specialized care needs. Links to local resources can be found on the community health resource page.

Medical Services

Counseling Services

Disability Services

Community Health Resources

Urgent and Emergency Care

Making an Appointment

Medical appointments may be made in person at the front desk (least private option), by phone 651-696-6275, by email, or online through our patient portal.

Counseling appointments may be made in person by stopping at the front desk, by email, by Request a Counseling Appointment button on website, or by calling 651-696-6275.

Privacy and Forms

Your privacy is very important to us as medical and counseling professionals. For more information, please see the forms below related to your privacy and your rights and responsibilities for seeking care with us.

Informed Consent for Care: Our privacy practices and your rights and responsibilities for care.

Release of Information: Complete this to give us permission to share your private healthcare information with someone.

Privacy Act Form