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Staff Training and Development Assistance

Independent Training and Development Opportunities

  1. A staff member may receive financial assistance for a training and development opportunity with a defined outcome that relates directly to the job and is not available within the College.
  2. Employee fills out the Training and Development Assistance form, gets approval from their supervisor, and sends it to Human Resources at least two weeks prior to the registration deadline for the training opportunity.
  3. Eligible reimbursement is up to $600 per fiscal year. This is not a guaranteed benefit. If budget dollars are exhausted, requests will be denied.
  4. If requesting College funds, you must submit a paid receipt or unpaid statement documenting to whom the money should be payable. Please indicate if a department Purchasing Card was used. Documentation must also be attached that briefly describes the coursework or training opportunity.
  5. An employee may receive Training and Development Assistance from Human Resources to attend/participate in one program annually. Department support may be available for additional opportunities. Requests for department funds should be directed to your supervisor.
  6. Training and Development Assistance from the Human Resources is intended to improve the job related skills of Macalester Staff employees. Non job related programs should be funded by the home department.
  7. Training and Development Assistance is limited to tuition or the registration fee. No other costs are reimbursed by Human Resources.

Coursework at Macalester

  1. With supervisor approval, a staff member may enroll in courses in the College curriculum, one course per semester: private music lessons excluded.
  2. Staff members who are not seeking a degree from Macalester MUST obtain a signature from an Instructor and return this form by the drop/add deadline. Degree-seeking staff members must follow regular student registration procedures in addition to completing this application.
  3. Time must be made up if the class is during regular work hours and is not job-related or if employee is not full-time.