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Register for WHAM’s Spring Session 2 Classes

Let’s face it, the second half of the spring semester can be challenging.  Sometimes the last thing you need is another challenge.  If you tend to hold tension in your body, you’ll love the mind-body connection and relief you’ll feel after our Hatha Yoga or Awareness Through Movement class.  If your mental and emotional health tends to suffer when stress starts to build, then practicing Mindfulness surrounded by a compassionate community of your peers could be just what you need.  And lastly, if you start to take life too seriously and need to remind yourself to let go, then come dance your heart out and sweat off some of that stress at Dance Cardio on Fridays. 

Register for our Spring Session 2 classes between Monday, March 4 and Wednesday, March 13.  This 6-week series begins the week of March 18.


New Well-being Activity: Plant Forward Health

Plant Forward Health highlights veggies, fruits, legumes and grains, but it isn’t limited to them.  The main idea is to be mindful of adding and enjoying more plants as part of a balanced meal. This approach not only can improve our health, boost our energy levels and prevent chronic disease – it can also help the environment (and our wallet), too!

Features: 14 short lessons, a habit tracker (recommended and custom habits), progress dashboard (reflect and reach goals), and resource library (additional tools, recipes and meal plans).

Visit our Well-being Activities page to learn more.  To get started, sign in at or download the HealthPartners mobile app and click the Living Well button. Select “Get Started” on the activity, Plant Forward Health.


When you thrive, we all thrive

Welcome to your 2024 health and well-being program.  Our WHAM Committee partners with HealthPartners to bring you well-being resources to help you reach your health goals. Plus, you can earn rewards for participating. It’s a win-win!  Watch this special kick-off message from President Rivera.

Get started today! Download the HealthPartners mobile app or sign in to Visit our Benefits and Incentives page to learn how you can get entered to win a free iPad and earn a $150 Mastercard Reward Card.


Join the Nourish with Purpose Team Challenge!

Get ready to challenge yourself and your colleagues to explore and track your nutrition habits for six weeks. Each week, you’ll get a new set of personal habits, as well as one community habit. Topics include meal planning, mindful eating, hydration, sustainability, adding better-for-you food and trying new things! 

Registration opens January 8. Complete your 2024 health assessment by signing in at, then select the Nourish with Purpose Team Challenge to join your team.  Learn more on our Well-being Activities page.


Join WHAM at January Thaw 2024!

WHAM has coordinated a variety of events and instructors to engage, enrich and inspire your lifelong learning, and the pursuit of health and happiness!  January Thaw offers more than personal development, it provides an opportunity for you to take part in events that foster human connection, create a sense of belonging, and a shared experience.  All things that contribute to our individual and community well-being.

View all of WHAM’s offerings on our January Thaw page, or register using the January Thaw Registration Form.


Connect with our health coach to reach your goals

It’s time to team up. A professional health coach can be the missing link between setting goals and meeting them. Talk one-on-one with our certified health coach, Kelly Fang, about what’s important to you. Whether that’s back pain, nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise or something else – Kelly will work with you to address your unique needs.

If you’re on Macalester’s benefits plan, take your health assessment to get started at or use the Living Well button on the myHP app. Then contact Kelly to set up a time.  In-person, walking and video appointments are free and open to all staff, faculty, spouses and domestic partners, regardless of your benefits plan. To learn more, visit our Health Coaching page.


Build a strong back with Healthy Back!

If you’ve been on the sidelines for a while due to back pain, the thought of getting back into the workout game can be intimidating. Take the initiative today and learn how to strengthen and maintain your back health in this new 4-week activity! Healthy Back includes 3-5 virtual on-demand classes each week offered through Wellbeats, including yoga, strength training and circuits to improve back health in no time!  Log on to or use the myHP app. After completing your health assessment, locate the Healthy Back activity in your well-being account. Learn more on WHAM’s Well-being Activities page.