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What is WHAM?

WHAM stands for Wellness and Health At Macalester.

The mission of the WHAM Committee is to foster a working and learning environment that promotes healthy lifestyle choices by increasing awareness, providing educational opportunities, and supporting lifestyle changes. Healthier lifestyles among faculty and staff will in turn create happier, more productive individuals who benefit themselves, Macalester, and the greater community.

So who is involved in WHAM?

The WHAM Committee is composed of faculty and staff who are interested in promoting health and well-being at Macalester.

  • Length of Term: 3 years
  • Co-chairs: Kelly Fang [email protected] and Randi Hartman [email protected] 
  • Members: 7 appointed staff (1 from each division), 2 faculty and 4 members whose role involves health & well-being.
  • Current Members: Ross Bronfenbrenner (Admissions & Financial Aid), Kelly Fang (Well-being Program Manager & Health Coach), Kyllian Griffin (Student Affairs), Randi Hartman (Benefits Manager), Scott Hintz (Head of Sports Performance & Deno Fitness Center), Ariel James (Faculty), Dorothy Jordan (Advancement), Pattie Lydon (Institutional Equity), Kasey McMaster (Information Technology Services), Lauren Milne (Faculty), Ginny Moran (Provost & Academic Affairs), Audrey Seligman (Health Promotion for Students), and Deanna Seppanen (Administration & Finance) .
  • WHAM Bylaws (PDF)

How does WHAM promote health and wellness?

WHAM sponsors a variety of programming including classes, workshops, and other events or activities. The committee also provides health and wellness resource information and materials for the Macalester community. The majority of our programming is offered on the basis of the surveyed interests and needs of Macalester staff and faculty.

How can I participate in WHAM?

We are always happy to have involvement from anyone at Macalester who is interested in in health and wellness. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.