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Confidentiality is very important. Macalester will not have access to your individual results. Macalester will receive the overall, aggregate results to help ensure we offer health and wellness programs that best meet our employees’ needs.

Confidentiality Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Health Assessment

Will my health assessment be sent to my clinic?

No. However, you are encouraged to share your results with your doctor and discuss any health issues you may have or may develop in the future.

Will my health assessment results be shared with my employer?

No. Your health assessment is protected by the same laws that protect your medical records. We don’t share your personal health assessment results with your employer. Your employer only receives a summary report that outlines the health status of all participants together as a group. Your name may be shared with your employer per the terms of agreement you accept at the start of the health assessment or wellness program in order for you to earn your reward.

Where are the results from my health assessment stored? Is the site secure so that my personal information is protected?

Health assessment results are stored in an electronic database at HealthPartners. This database is secure and not shared with your employer. All personal information is encrypted.

This means that the information you send over the internet is in code and requires special software to read it. It can’t be viewed by your Information Services or Human Resources departments or over the Internet.

If I complete the health assessment, will my results be used to deny coverage?

No. HealthPartners does not use your results as part of rate calculations or to deny coverage.

However, if the assessment is made a part of the medical record from you sharing the results with your doctor, an insurance company may have access to the medical record. If you apply for life insurance or a Worker’s Compensation claim, your insurance may also have access to the record.