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January Thaw

A snow-covered bench during the daytime on Macalester's campus

January Break is always the welcome eye of the Academic-Year storm.  After the final push of the Fall Semester and the holiday season, J-Term comes along with time to catch up on projects, get ready for the coming semester, organize an overfull desk, and even take a real lunch break.  In Human Resources, we like to use this opportunity to leave the desk behind, too, with our January Thaw Program.

January Thaw is an annual week-long program held the first full week in January after the holidays, and designed for Campus staff and faculty.  Different types of seminars, lectures, and workshops comprise the Program.  It offers campus members an opportunity to step away from their normal routine and interact with colleagues in new and different ways.  The sessions are geared to topics relevant to our mission here at Macalester:  new initiatives or programs on campus, ways to be more efficient and productive at work, and even outside policies and forces that can impact Macalester’s staff, faculty, and student body.  January Thaw is an opportunity for us all to unite, take a quick break, and look forward together.