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Summer internships offer robust learning/work experiences that help students advance their academic interests and careers. Unfortunately, a number of great internships are unpaid, and therefore not an option for many students ​with limited financial resources. To help address this, in the summer of 2017 Macalester College will provide grants to 25-30 students to do 10-week unpaid internships anywhere in the world. This funding is meant to help defray living costs for the duration of the unpaid internship, including housing, travel, food, etc.      

Three types of grants will be awarded:

1.    Full grants of $4,500 for full-time, 10-week internships (full-time defined as at least 35 hours/week)

2.    Half grants of $2,250 for full-time, 10-week internships where housing is provided or the student is living at home

3.    Half grants of $2,250 for half-time, 10-week internships (student must work at least 20 hrs/week)

Applications for full-time internships will be prioritized over half-time positions.


  1. Currently enrolled rising sophomores, juniors, seniors who will return to Macalester for the 2017-18 academic year (or will be participating in Study Away). 
  2. In good academic and disciplinary standing with the College.
  3. Committed to internships at least 10 weeks in length. (Please do not apply if you cannot make this 10 week commitment due to travel, family, classes, etc.)
  4. Financial Need:
    * Financial Aid eligible – 90% of MSIG funding targets students with the highest levels of financial need. (If you have questions regarding your financial need status, please contact the Financial Aid Office)
    * Merit-based internships – 10% of MSIG funding may be awarded to no-need based applicants strictly upon the strength of the proposal.


  1. Fully confirmed internships over those still being developed. We will still accept applications for internships still in the development stage, but a large part of our assessment will focus on the quality and relevance of the specific site/experience being proposed and whether the position has been confirmed.
  2. Full-time internships (min. of 35-40 hours/week) over part-time.
  3. Year in School. All other things being equal, advanced students will receive preference.
  4. Students who have not previously received Mac funding for an internship or related experience (e.g., summer internship, fellowship, or research funding through Macalester College).
  5. Potential impact of the internship on your studies and career. All internships are valuable, but we look to fund those with the potential to be truly unique and life changing.


Internships should primarily be with non-profits, NGOs, and government entities anywhere in the world. Small start-up companies outside the Twin Cities area are eligible as well (internships with local start-ups may be funded through the summer MacNest program). All internship sites must be able to demonstrate capacity to provide a stable, well-supervised, quality learning experience for the student and commit to providing Macalester with comprehensive feedback on the work of the student, and compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guidelines (U.S. sites only). Review this handout, Qualities of a Credit Worthy Internship with your site as you are setting up your internship. International internships may not be in countries on the U.S. State Dept. Restricted Travel Warning list.

Internships that will not be considered for funding:

  • Any internship that is paid.  
  • Programs and program fees.
  • Virtual, unsupervised, or largely independent internships or projects.
  • Laboratory-based research in academic settings (Macalester provides support for this kind of research through Endowed Summer Research Funds, See the Science & Research website for more information). We may consider research in other settings and in a broader range of disciplines. This might include research in social sciences, government, health, and environment. If in doubt, we encourage you to go ahead and apply.
  • Internships with organizations owned or operated by immediate family members.
  • Internships involved with direct proselytizing for religious work or for a political campaign.
  • Corporate and private sector internships with fully established companies. These organizations should be able to pay their interns.


Applications are due by Monday, March 20 at 11:59 pm.
Important Considerations for Applying

  1. Student Application Form - Includes structured responses to six questions. 
  2. Resume (one page) 
  3. Faculty Internship Validation Form 
    The Faculty Internship Validation Form is not a letter of recommendation, but instead a brief form seeking the faculty’s input in support of this internship. Make sure you talk to them about your plans. It is your responsibility to forward this linked form to your faculty – the professor must submit this form by March 20, 2017 at 11:59 pm.

All documents must be saved as PDF’s. The application form and resume should be emailed to msig@macalester.edu.  Label the documents in your application as <ApplicationLastName> and <ResumeLastName>. If they are not labeled correctly they will not be accepted and your application will not be complete.

**Only complete applications received by the deadline will be considered**

If the proposed internship is outside the U.S., the applicant will need to submit information related to safety, travel, and logistics.


  • Students receiving the grant must complete all internship paperwork and register the summer internship for one credit by April 28, 2017 (tuition cost will be waived). This includes:
  • Attend the MSIG Program Orientation meeting on April 11 from 11:45 am-1:00 pm in Hall of Fame Room, Leonard Center.
  • Submit all internship evaluations by deadlines (two-week Check-in, Mid-term and Final Evaluations).
  • Maintain contact with Faculty Sponsor and hand in final summary reflection paper by August 15 (to be cc-ed to the Internship Program).
  • Prepare a final poster presentation summarizing the internship experience, and attend the MSIG Fall Poster Event early in the fall term.  Those studying away in the fall will submit their posters to be presented in absentia.


Students will receive either a full grant of $4,500 or a half grant of $2,250, paid out in three installments over the course of the summer. Macalester on-campus housing is an option for the ten weeks of the internship, but this requires a separate application to Residential Life. The purpose of this grant is to offset the costs of living/travel expenses during the internship.

The award will be treated as taxable income for federal and state income tax purposes and Macalester will issue a Form 1099-Misc to US citizens and permanent residents and a corresponding copy to the IRS. Students should consult their parents or a tax advisor for federal and state income tax filing questions

If you have questions, please contact Kerri Roesner  or Mike Porter  in the Internship Program office.