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Faculty Technology Checklist

Technology Checklist for New Faculty

✓ Initialize your official Macalester College account

About 90 days prior to your start date Information Technology Services (ITS) will send an email message with the subject “Initialize your Macalester Account” to your personal email address on file.

✓ Turn on 2-factor authentication for your Macalester & Google accounts

Set up Duo Mobile for Macalester applications
Go to and sign in with your Macalester username and password. Click Add a device and follow the prompts to enroll in Duo Mobile for 2-factor authentication. Smartphone and Duo Mobile App are required to enroll.

Set up Google 2-Step Verification for Macalester email
Go to and sign in with your Macalester email address and password. If you have already signed into another Gmail account, try using a different browser or private/incognito window. Follow the ENROLL prompt to turn on Google 2-Step Verification before the 2-week enforcement deadline or you’ll be locked out of your Google account.

✓ Request preferred name change (optional)

Macalester systems will use your preferred name as the system’s display name, like email and the online directory. Faculty may request their preferred name be changed to something other than their legal name by submitting the Employee Personal Information Update Form (gform) or contact Employment Services directly at [email protected]. Once the request is submitted to update your preferred name, it may take several days for the update to migrate to Macalester systems that use it.

✓ Log into 1600grand, Macalester’s information portal

Macalester’s portal,, is the gateway to Macalester resources, including current course enrollments and rosters. Requires 2-factor authentication with Duo Mobile.

✓ Read your Macalester email

Check your Macalester email frequently. Your departmental and campus colleagues will use Macalester email to communicate with you. Furthermore, the Provost’s office, Employment Services, ITS, and other Macalester units will also use your Macalester email account to communicate with you. | Gmail app (Google Play) | Gmail app (App Store – Apple)

✓ Claim your Zoom Meeting & Zoom Phone license by signing in with Single sign-on (SSO)

Macalester uses Zoom for video conferencing and for phone service. You’ll need to sign in with SSO to set up your Zoom account.

KI 0053 Zoom: Add Make it a Zoom Meeting to Google Calendar

✓ Set up your laptop, smartphone or tablet to use eduroam wifi

You don’t have to be on campus to use eduroam’s configuration assistant tool to install and enable the service before arriving at Macalester. Once on campus, just select eduroam from the list of available wireless networks. eduroam connection guides

✓ Review computer hardware and software needs with AIA

Tenure-track faculty usually have start-up funds provided by the Provost’s Office with which to purchase a computer. Nontenure-track faculty should contact their AIA for assistance. new tenure-track faculty computer  |  non-tenure-track faculty computer  |  software purchases | AIA contact info

✓ Complete your cyber security training for new faculty

Faculty and staff will receive an email from our partner, Infosec IQ, with a link to the required ITS training. Expect to receive regular reminders to complete the training from [email protected]. The training format consists of a short video followed by an assessment that covers a specific cyber security topic and will take 5–10 minutes to complete.

✓ Explore Moodle, our learning management system

Faculty at Macalester use Moodle to create online learning communities that support teaching and learning. | Moodle information

✓ Use your course Google Group to communicate with your students

A Google Group is automatically created for for each course to allow the instructor and the enrolled students to communicate with each other, share Google docs and for calendar invites. Go to to view a list of Google Groups your Macalester account is subscribed to. Learn more about Google Groups for courses

✓ Know how to get assistance with technology from ITS

Subscribe to Macalester’s Academic Calendar via Google Calendar

Stay up to date with Macalester dates and events by subscribing to specific calendars on gCal. Calendars such as the academic calendar, athletic events, lectures and speakers, etc.,  will be incorporated into your existing calendar so that all event dates are in the same place. Subscribe to a Macalester Google Calendar

Contact your Academic Technology Assistant (AIA) for assistance. The ITS Help Desk is also available and offers extended evening and weekend hours during the fall and spring terms. Check out our Self Service Portal to search our knowledge base for answers, chat, submit a ticket to ask for help. | AIA contact info | [email protected] | | 651-696-6525