Bandwidth refers to the speed of Macalester’s connection to the Internet. Like our water, electrical supply or roads, bandwidth is a shared resource. A bandwidth policy is necessary so we may ensure it is available to everyone, and that the actions—intentional or not—of a few don’t disrupt or impede the availability of the Internet for others.

The Responsible Use Policy document applies to the Bandwidth Policy as well, and should be referenced. The topics it covers, such as using campus resources for commercial gain, or for illegal activity, also apply to the Bandwidth Policy. Information Technology Services (ITS) will implement technological solutions to ensure bandwidth is allocated fairly and in accordance with the directives of the college.

Attempts to circumvent, damage, disable or tamper with any system in order to use more bandwidth or alter how bandwidth is managed or allocated by ITS is a violation of both the Bandwidth Policy and the Responsible Use Policy. Violations of this policy will be processed as described in the Student Employee Handbook. Some examples of possible disciplinary action include: temporary or permanent account disabling or network access; suspension; or facing legal consequences if a violation involved breaking the law.