The purpose of the Macalester Graduate to Staff Account Policy is to deprecate a graduated student’s network account if they are hired as a full time employee before October of the year following graduation. A new account will be provisioned in order to separate roles and provide appropriate controls.


This policy governs graduated student network accounts who are hired as full time employees. This policy supersedes the “Student Account Termination” section of the Network and Email Account Termination Policy.


  • Graduated student account extension to October of the year following graduation is not applicable if hired as an employee of the college.
  • The graduated student account will be deleted prior to starting as an employee of the college.
  • Upon job acceptance, five business days will be granted to export any/all of their student account data.
  • Data from a graduated student account cannot be migrated or imported to a Macalester account.
  • A new account username will be automatically generated for the employee after the graduated senior account is removed.


Any user found to have violated this policy will be subject to revocation of certain privileges or services, including but not limited to loss of network account access.



May 2020