Information Technology Services (ITS) recognizes partner organizations as a valuable part of the College’s educational mission. Partner organizations are those non-profit and/or educational organizations with a sustained, significant, and generally recognized relationship to the College but which are not part of Macalester’s formal organization.

Basic IT services will be provided to non-profit, educational partner organizations based on campus. These include those services whose marginal cost (staff time, facility use, etc.) is low enough not to compromise the complete information services provided to regular College departments. Data networking will be provided where infrastructure, such as hubs, switches and data wiring, already exists and where the organization abides by published minimum specifications for network-capable equipment. Local telephone service to an on-campus location, long distance telephone service and data equipment purchases, such as computers, are the financial responsibility of the partner organization. Particularly expensive or rationed services—such as data networking where infrastructure does not already exist—are not available to partner organizations. More specific agreements may be negotiated with each organization.

For-profit enterprises in contractual relationship with the College will provide their own IT services or reimburse the College where appropriate. Reimbursement may be folded into regular contract negotiation.

Appendix: Educational Partner Organizations

Examples: Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth, summertime educational institutes.

Services available: Local telephone service servicing an on-campus site on a charge-back basis, long distance service on a charge-back basis, consultation of limited duration, data network privileges if wiring and infrastructure are already present and account users are on campus for a substantial period of time, computer support as time is available.

In all cases, such arrangements must be agreed upon well ahead of time. Remote access to online resources will not be supported and partner organizations needing such service should open an account with an Internet service provider. Educational partner organizations may purchase computers for institutional use through ITS.

Organizations Related by Contract

Examples: Bon Appetit, American Security, construction contractors.

Services available: Limited consultation by the ITS Help Desk.