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Student Technology Checklist

For First-Year, Exchange, Transfer & Current Students

✓ Before Arriving on Campus

Set up Duo Mobile for Macalester applications
Go to and sign in with your Macalester username and password. Click Add a device and follow the prompts to enroll in Duo Mobile for 2-factor authentication. Smartphone and Duo Mobile App are required to enroll.

Set up Google 2-Step Verification for Macalester email
Go to and sign in with your Macalester email address and password. If you have already signed into another Gmail account, try using a different browser or private/incognito window. Follow the ENROLL prompt to turn on Google 2-Step Verification before the 90-day enforcement deadline or you’ll be locked out of your Google account.

Set up your laptop, smartphone or tablet to use eduroam wifi
You don’t have to be on campus to use eduroam’s configuration assistant tool to install and enable the service before arriving at Macalester. Once on campus, just select eduroam from the list of available wireless networks. eduroam connection guides

Register gaming device or smart TV for network use
If you are planning on bringing a gaming device or smart TV to campus, its MAC address must be registered before connecting to the network. Once here, connect your device in the Residence Halls with an ethernet cable or on the Macalester Gadgets wireless network. Macalester Gadgets connection guides 

After Arriving on Campus

Know how to get tech help
ITS Help Desk |  [email protected] | 651-696-6525 | Humanities 316 | Start a chat |
Student Tech Quick Start

Claim your Zoom Meeting license
You’ll need to sign in with SSO to set up your Zoom account with our site license.

Download software for class
Course-specific software is available for download at no cost or can be accessed in computer labs. Microsoft Office is available to students at no cost as part of our Microsoft volume licensing agreement. software download | Microsoft Office for Windows (gdoc) | Microsoft Office for macOS (gdoc)

Forgot your password?
No problem! You can reset it yourself with our self-service password reset tool. Go to and click Forgot Password. Checkout the password requirements and how to change or reset a forgotten password.